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I have a question which bothers me..
When I affiliate some product, from example from Clickbank,
there is a tons of affiliate websites that promote the same product I do with the same keywords..
There is a change to be at the first page :confused:
for example for the niche "dog training" I found out the keywords "dog training clicker" with less then 100,000 competition, but still there are a tons of websites who afiiliate Dog training ebooks and use the same keyword to promote their sites
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    Select more searchable with less competition keywords.
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    Well I can tell you numerous dodgy tricks but first of all make sure you know how to do keyword research according to your SEO strength. I guess you are not a pro and not very long time in SEO and IM industry. If so then the technique mentioned underneath of this message will come helpful for you. Otherwise let me know what you did till now to do keyword research? Hopefully I can help you with some more less known stratagems!

    - Your niche is ... dog training
    - Now search through Google using the keyword and copy first 5 website URLs returned by the SERP. Paste URLs on an excel spreadsheet.
    - You might see more similar keywords recommended by Google on the SERP page. Copy them and search for each of the keyword. Collect URLs. As said before paste them on the excel spreadsheet.
    - Now check using ScrapeBox for duplicate domains. Remove duplicates and save only unique domains.
    - Go to semrush and check each of the domain. Copy paste keywords for which the domains are ranked within top 5.
    - Again use ScrapeBox to remove duplicate keywords.
    - Now go to Google Keyword Planner and check the keywords for getting an idea on relevant long tail keywords. There should be heap of relevant, long tail keywords with low search volume. Collect the keywords which has buy, get, cheap, ebook, training, course etc. modifiers and low search volume. As you are not highly skilled so collect keywords which have from 500 to 1000 monthly search volume.
    - After all check each of the keyword on Google and carefully check SERPs to find whether there are authority sites are on first 3 positions or not. See PR of the pages. You can check backlink portfolio of the domains too. If you see any webmd, about, wikihow etc. pages are ranking within top 3 for your keywords then be sure you can easily outrank them by the help of few high PR backlinks. In this way if you can manage at least 10 500/monthly search volume based keywords, you can kick start.

    As you said for each of the targeted keywords you found other affiliate pages on top of the pyramid I can bet following this method you will be able to find heap of the keywords without even a single affiliate page on first page.

    The process seems at bit overwhelming first time but once you will familiar with it you would never look back. With time and experience there will be many more strategies you will be able to add to the generic method mentioned here.
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