30K unique visitors a month with niche boxing site - can I make £££?

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Hello guys and girls,

I have seen a few similar threads to this but I noticed a trend where there was hardly any info/stats to go on, so hopefully this is enough for you to let me know about how/if I can make money from my site, and ideally an estimate on what the potential revenues could be....

I run The Boxing Observer | Boxing's Online Tabloid which is a UK based boxing news website, although it is very unique in the sense that, to my knowledge, it is the only tabloid themed website in the world. I am 100% confident that this site would be huge, but as yet I have zero expenditure on advertising.

I also unfortunately left it to rot for 7 months due to an illness built I am back I the swing of things and I am looking to make some cash. I get 30K unique visitors a month and around 60K+ page views. I feel this is pretty good considering I only use Twitter to share the articles and on 1 day last week alone I had 4K unique visitors due to a popular article on a Danish fighter. Imagine if there were adverts on that page?

On that note, 35% of my users are American, 30% are British and the rest depends on certain articles. For instance, the article above did really well in Denmark as I spent 2+ hours searching social media profiles in Danish and subsequently linked the articles which were then retreated.

In a nutshell, I am seriously grafting/doing it the hard way and I feel the numbers are good considering I have not spent any money, but I want to make some serious cash now and increase to 1 mill unique visitors a year within 12 months. I am sitting down with my web guy next week to work out the best way to make money but I would like some advice on here.

I have some exciting things I want to do directly as I work in media sales and my main product is a 'Skin' which takes over a certain page for 24 hours/5 days. Please see link for example: News in Brighton & Hove, Sussex, business, weather, traffic, travel and sport from The Argus

I feel if I were to offer these at £200 a month over 5 pages that is £1K right there. I could maybe target niche industries like boxing/gym equipment, boxing magazines, promoters and maybe nutritional products. I can create the art-work free from my end so basically no outlay, but have I got a decent enough audience to start pitching this out?

I imagine the 'direct route' will be more lucrative than google ad sense/PPC, can you guys help me out as I can definitely sell the advertising, I can create the art-work etc but do I have the right sort of numbers to be going to these companies and if os how much can I realistically make?

• I will be spending £200-400 on advertising every month from July if that helps also.

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