Should I use the disavow tool?

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Hi all,
I'm seeing on my webmasters tool some new ,very crappy/spammy links to one of my sites ( chinese/japanese unrelated sites, one pager sites with links to every page of mine and etc.). The numbers are not thousands but some tens to hundreds. Not 100% sure but I suspect a negative SEO act. There is no option to contact any webmaster on these sites.
Also, there is a significant drop in rankings in the past few days, can't tell if it's the Panda update or the effect of these links.

I never thought I will need to use the disavow tool, but I'm very much considering it right now.

Anyone with a similar experience could advise?

Appreciate the help.
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    Won't webmaster tools give you a warning if they are suspect? I would give it time and not be in a rush to start disavowing links.

    I find it hard to believe that NEGATIVE SEO would be all that easy to affect someones site negatively. You are going to naturally get some junk links in time. Have you translated what these sites are about?
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    If the links are suspicious I highly doubt WMT giving a notification. It may give a penalty notification later on and better being late disavowing and preventing the problem would be a good idea. Just find out how of many of those links are do follow. What disavowing actually does is it counts do follow links in the file as no follow.

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  • I would definitely go for disavowing these type of links. I have experienced in the past that some of the videos of my client from youtube has been scraped by some scrappy sites which is written in chinese language.

    Re checking the contact email of the webmaster you can try using or other domain checker.
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    The best means and most effective means is to get the links removed. If you can't find contact info or don't know how to do that find someone that does.

    The issue with the disavow is people think it's effective when it's really not for most cases. I've only seen evidence of the disavow working after extensive link removal campaigns.
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