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Hi guys

Hope everyone is well

I recently started a channel ( and started quite strong , 20 viewers 275 follows in just 2 weeks.

I was thinking of making a website in regards to my twitch channel, with the intention of using SEO to get my channel more popular. I am not 100% positive though if its really worth the time/effort and cost for doing this.

Twitch is a the largest gaming platform on the net and when people want to watch something.. they know to directly enter the website and not google search.

My question is ... is it really worth spending money to do this ? I need more exposure and believe or not.... i searched everywhere and really cant find anywhere solid to advertise my channel to get more viewers.

I have tried advertising in reddit but thats just about it.

I also got facebook, youtube and twitter page setup and some promoters in social media helping out.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

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    A website can be great for Twitch but not necessarily in the way you're explaining. I have a gaming website and I embed our stream, and others close to the community, so that it's always on our site.

    It counts browsers as viewers without a Twitch account so it can skyrocket numbers. We quite often have 200-300 people on the site which is reflected in the stream numbers and sees us rocket up the tables.

    If you can A. make a site and B. get any sort of decent traffic to it, it'll be well worth your time.
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      I see ... thanks a lot for the info.

      I guess that makes total sense but again .... after thinking about it ... it doesn't sound like it would be worth it ... i mean, they would just go to twitch or click on the stream and it would redirect them there.

      I can see how you can benefit but i dont really see this being a quick solution for my current stream.

      Thanks for the info
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