PLEASE HELP: Is Penguin Recovery REALLY Possible?

by momo3
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From what I have concluded, G ran a Penguin and Panda update earlier this week.

I dont know if Matt Cutts ever announced Penguin, however.

Anyway, here is my deal:

I had a site drop to 2nd and 3rd page for many terms, yet still ranks first page for a few terms.

I have full control over its keywords.

Should I dilute the keywords? Or is this a lost cause?

I am desperately looking for someone who could just give me a little advice on this. I would gladly even pay you via PayPal for your time.

I hate to just come on here and "suck value" from you guys, but I really want to try to fix this site.

Some say to just start over but starting over will be a big chore as this domain has a lot of stuff built into it.
#penguin #recovery

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