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Hey I have a client looking to get Higher rankings for SEO currently he is listed number 1 for a few keywords but needs to rank for the more popular such as Houston florists, florists Houston .

I have a meeting with him today and wanted to let him know I currently looking for an SEO provider. I would go through the company I work for but they charge $900 a month which is too high . I don't know how to do it myself , so I'm out and I didn't want to go to fiverr and go through 509 SEO experts.

His budget is roughly around 250-500 but he will need proof of your work and conversation over the phone as well. Let me know if anyone on this board has any experience with ranking Teleflora websites.
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    $900 was cheap.

    You are not going to get anyone good that can do the job on those kind of terms for less.

    On that kind of budget they are probably better off doing AdWords.
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    You don't even have to look at the SERP competition to know that's a tough keyword (Houston florist), it's a major US city in a saturated niche.

    Isn't the markup on flowers a huge percentage? I'm thinking a florist should have a lot of money to reinvest back into their business.
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    Targeting the niche keyword often not very profitable. I have ranked many sites for generic keywords and found very little luck with conversion! On the other hand keywords with buy, cheap etc. modifiers convert much better than Houston florists type keywords. So it would be better if you do little brain storming and find few long tail keywords which in the end will be cheap but effective route.
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    I would look to rank higher for some longer tail keywords.

    Definitely stay away from fiver with a client, they could end up hurting their present rankings.


    ...Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just set there.
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    $900 is pretty cheap. At your budget, you will have trouble getting anyone to respond. and as said, the keywords you are referencing will be very expensive, the longer tail will be much easier and more profitable in the long run.

    Your client doesn't know what the hell they are doing, and need a bit of an education.

    Tim Pears

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      Not sure if you only want to rank for:

      Houston florist
      Houston florists
      Florist Houstin
      Florist in Houstin

      and similar or that you want to rank for a whole bunch of cities.

      All I want to say is that it isn't that competitive at all, just looked it up and your budget is more then large enough to rank in the top 5.

      You can contact dozens of SEO companies ranking at the first 5 pages of Google and I'm sure at least half of them can rank you there for around $300/month.
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