How best to do SEO for a "Yelp" like site?

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SEO is essentially about bringing users to your site using keywords/key phrases, location and so forth.

My question how would you start people reviewing on a review site thats initially empty?

Would you pay people to write reviews (i dont agree with this and its unethical).

What steps would you take to seo this site nation-wide?
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    I think you need to be willing to do some major research on your own. Your only going to get basic tips on a forum because a project like yelp is huge.

    Do some research...

    Look at Wayback, how did the site start out, what changed over time?

    Have you read the yelp Wikipedia page for some background info.? What's yelp elite? Looks like people taking party bribes in exchange for pumping out reviews (first impression). What's the history on yelp elite?

    On-page SEO & site structure is there to look at.

    Keep in mind yelp has a few hundred million dollars invested in promotions.

    You can pretty much bet each one of those yelp parties got a review written back on the yelp website per individual person that attended the party (example). So now a few parties later, you have 100s/1,000s of people writing reviews for every little thing they buy outside of the parties trying to stay ahead of everyone else so they can go to the next yelp party...

    Really it's a social thing generating reviews. Yelp isn't paying for reviews but they're obviously offering parties in exchange for reviews (basically paid reviews).

    Now take those 100s/1,000s of people attending parties & it snowballs when they start posting outside of yelp (newspaper reporters, tv, social sites, etc...).
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    Thanks very much. That was a great response!!
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