What do you guys think I should change up?

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Greetings, I'll do my best to keep this short so here's the deal.

My wife is selling an MLM product and she's created a blog for it. I'm creating a second site as an "authority" site in the niche that will allow me to post content, information, whatever.. and put the products and affiliate links online so that anyone looking for a product in this niche, can purchase should they choose but my real purpose for the new site is to offer a well-written eBook and build a niche-relevant list so that we can market to the audience for an extended period of time.

So, I'm not tech-stupid and at a high level, I've got a pretty good inkling as to what I needs to be done but the last time I tried IM, about 3-4 years ago, I got out because I was frustrated with the results that I was getting. I've got a pretty good host of tools in the arsenal but I'd like to know whether the tools that I'm using are viable in 2014 and if I should replace any of them? Here's the thing, I understand that there are better tools now but if what I have will work, I'd rather not replace it at this time.

So, I did my thing and used Market Samurai and Scrapebox to look for niche relevant keywords. I located one that I think is a good one, it has 266 daily visitors with less than 50,000 sites with an exact match in the title. The top 10 competing sites are real doozy's but #4 ranks with around 4,000 backlinks. The only knock is most of the sites in the Top 10 have a pretty old domain age. With that in mind, I'm going after additional keywords too as there are tons of different products in this niche.

I purchased 10 PLR articles for $1 and have rewritten them. I've used SpinRewriter, Dragon and in most cases a mix of the two to create well-written, unique content.

I've almost completed my Tier 1 backlinks, which is a series of Web 2.0 properties that I've created by hand. Once I've completed this, my plan is to use Article Directories as a Tier 2 strategy. I own Article Demon from many moons ago (does this thing still work???) and my plan was to syndicate three roughly 500-word, well-written articles that have already been indexed without spinning them (read, I'm going to submit the exact same text to every article directly) and point three directories to each of my Tier 2 sites. I'm doing this based on articles that I've read from Alexa Smith that suggest that you do not (and probably should not) have to rewrite articles submitted to directories. Tier 3 will be Social Bookmarking (I do have Bookmarking Demon (again, does this still work?). Once I've accomplished all 3 of these, my plan is to build backlinks to tier's 2 and 3 by hand via blog comments, writing to other authority sites and possibly content syndication via Taboola or Outbrain.

If I understand how things should work, once I do this, it's all about driving people to the eBook, collecting their information, adding content and continuously promoting the site via social media and fostering relationships with other authority sites...

I'd like to hear from those who are actually making a sustainable amount of income only on what I'm doing right and where I might need to course correct. Can any of these steps be cut out or done more efficiently?

To be honest, this site is taking me longer than I'd like but I want to do more by hand to learn the steps and then figure out ways to make things more efficient moving forward.
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    If you don't want to crash and burn stop trying to rank the site with tiered link building. You mentioned the site at number 4 had 4,000 backlinks - how many referring domains though and what sort of quality that's the real key?

    Instead of trying to artificially inflate your popularity create genuinely useful resources on your authority site and spend the time you do spinning articles and building tiered links on outreach to other high quality sites. Quality > Quantity

    Visit my blog Top 5 SEO to find out how I grew a new affiliate site from $0 to $3934 per month in 6 months and how you can do the same! Oh, and check out my big fat guide to SEO in 2014

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