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Wanted to get people's general opinion on this. Whilst doing some keyword research one of the Keywords I am thinging of targeting has all Youtube videos on the 1st page of google. I know it can depend on some factors however is this usally a good sign or a bad sign in terms of trying to out-rank them with a website.
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      Originally Posted by arpitagarwal82 View Post

      Its easier to out rank YouTube videos with a good information rich content site.
      Sorry, but I don't agree with you. For different keywords it's different. We don't know the keyword, so NOBODY can tell you if it's easier or not!!!

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    Thanks for the reply, I have decided to take the chance and go for it, will be interesting to see how much google favors Youtube.

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    We don't know the keyword so it's impossible to say how tough the YT competition is.

    I know of one keyword that has all first page of YT videos & it's a very tough keyword, that's personal experience so I know those types of keywords with YT dominating are out there.
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      Cheers Yukon, the keyword isn't a huge competition one and only draws in around 5,000 searches a month so am hoping it won't be to difficult to out rank these YT videos with some good content on my site.

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    Youtube vids rank really well, but generally if you see one on page 1 you should be able to out rank it.
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    I think it is important to also remember that if ranking Youtube vidoes were so easy, everyone would be doing it Good luck to you, I hope all works out :-)
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    Yes. You have a good chance to outrank youtube videos, social sites on the first page of Google for any specific keyword. Just write a quality content and perfrom On-site and Off-site SEO.
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  • Yes you can outrank YT videos, especially if you'll provide good contents on your website.
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    I need to get rank on my YT videos. By they sucks Not ranking after trying several times Can you help?
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      Try to create some high quality backlinks, will rank good!

      Originally Posted by Pritom View Post

      I need to get rank on my YT videos. By they sucks Not ranking after trying several times Can you help?
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    Ya... Its a great sign. The following things are a green light for me:

    - Other SEOs
    - YouTube Video
    - Ebay
    - Facebook/Twitter
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    It really depends, is usually a good sign, but sometimes is actually really hard to outrank them, depending on the keyword.
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