Can we trust Google Avg. Monthly Search number?

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Are there independent sources that validate the avg. number of searches
presented in the Google keyword planner tool?

I ask because I am finding it difficult to believe people search for "Google
Analytics" 16.5x as often as espresso machine:

Google Analytics: 1,000,000
espresso machine: 60,500

Maybe all the variations of espresso machine (e.g. best espresso machine)
bring it more in line? But even "coffee" comes in at only 450,000 so I still
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    The only way to know the real traffic volume potential is to run a PPC ad campaign in adwords. Start with a low budget and low CPC, if you are getting clicks even for that then it means this keyword really has that many searches. Unfortunately there is no other way to cross check the information displayed on google keyword planner. Also you need to search with Exact match and not broad match.

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      Originally Posted by NShankar View Post

      The only way to know the real traffic volume potential is to run a PPC ad campaign in adwords.
      Do you think the keyword planner results are usable when trying to identify
      keywords for SEO or is it a crap shoot and you should just ignore that
      metric when evaluating competitiveness?

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    These tools offers the approximate figures about traffic to your site, but the figures are pretty close to exact traffic the site is getting.
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    Google's search stats are all ball park figures, they are fairly close in most cases in my experience, but again they are just estimations.
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    I think that you can trust Google's Estimation more than other tools as Google is Authority
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    Don't be silly google are a corporation based on profit, profit, and gaining more profit, don't use google keyword planner as your only source of collecting keywords. Google will show you what they want to show you, their business model isn't to save you money, if it was they would be out of business a long time ago.
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    Those numbers are based on broad search. They contain all variations. Google Analytics are used by the majority of online marketers. The ratio doesn't seem off to me. Are you online searching for coffee or are you online searching for Google Analytics information?

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    No, these are approximate figures, Google gives the approximate calculated values, depend upon the searches.
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    Yes this nearby exact search, little amount of counts will be missing. But it is the trusted one the visitor statistics
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