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Hello, I am going to be using gsa serp/ scrapebox but I plan on only using this to automate the high quality links I pick etc. I am wondering though I am still trying to learn SEO overall. Can anyone recommend a a good book or training material that will help me out some. Thank you
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    GSA and Scrapebox can not give you high quality links.

    Yeah, SB might be help to check if the PR is real and other stuffs but using it to build backlinks
    is not only a waste of your time but put your site on the path of destruction.
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    If you are looking for an excellent SEO course to get start with, you should check out www.wealthyaffiliate.com

    I actually am a member here, and they have the must up to date training on SEO, in my opinion. The training is video and they make everything really easy to get down.

    Also, you can open a free account for the 1st week, but then it will be 47/month thereafter.

    Hope this was helpful.

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    Read this tutorial and follow the office blog announcement day to day.
    official seo blog
    official google spam head blog
    Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO
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    Follow SEOmoz and Aaron Wall's SEOBook.
    From 64-85% Viewers are More Likely to Buy After Watching a Product Video.
    We Offer Professional Animated Explainer Video Creation + Youtube Marketing Services
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      Learning SEO can help you very much if you are new to SEO. Prefer following books:
      -- Marketing in the Age of Google.
      -- The Art of SEO.
      -- Search Engine Optimization All In One for Dummies.
      -- Conversation Marketing.
      -- Search Engine Optimization Secrets.
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    one of the best sources for learning seo is Zont SEO - Advanced SEO Tutorials...
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    1. Google's Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide : static(dot)googleusercontent(dot)com/media/www.google(dot)com/en//webmasters/docs/search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf
    2. Moz's beginners guide to seo : moz(dot)com/beginners-guide-to-seo
    3. Search Engine Land’s Guide To SEO : searchengineland(dot)com/guide/seo

    I hope, it will help you.

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    GSA and Scrapebox are still great tools, however they aren't going to give you the foundations of SEO.

    We've been having pretty solid success with proper onpage SEO techniques + contextual high PR blog posts + GSA for naked URL and keyword diluted anchor text. A key is to recognize that SEO is ever evolving and that generally the information you are going to be reading is likely outdated.
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    This was one of the first websites I frequented when I started learning SEO.Moz (previously SEOMoz)
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    Or you can learn SEO on this site.
    SEO VPS with SEO TOOLS Pre-installed | SEO VPS without SEO tools|SEO Dedicated Servers
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  • All of these suggests have relevance, but remember every time Google and other search engines update there algorithum - the qame changes. Keeping up with good SEO techniques is a challenge.
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    use moz blogs and google itself will tell you alot about its guidelines that you need to follow for seo.
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    Well, I would say the best place to learn SEO is the forums, get yourself indulge upon the SEO forums, where people share their own ideas/tips/tricks about the application.... !! So the best way is to learn from the question and answers given by the forums over the .......
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