Analytics page views vs Adsense page views

by Beardo 3 replies
Why would my Analytics page views be twice that of what is reported by Adsense ?

Does the Adsense report discount certain types of page views ?
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    AdSense page views only counts the number of times that a page was viewed that loaded an AdSense ad. So if a page was viewed without AdSense it wouldn't count that or if a page was viewed but the AdSense code never loaded it wouldn't count that either. It could be your users are adblocking using software or it could also be that they are clicking away before the ads load. What is the site's bounce rate?
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      Do you have more than one domain? If so, did you set one domain as
      the primary one when getting an adsense account?

      You need to put an adsense analytic code across your websites in order
      to properly track them in analytics. If not, and you were relying on analytics
      to check adsense, the pageviews would be way off.

      If you are comparing adsense stats via adsense, and page views in analytics,
      and try to compare those, it would be rare they would ever match up.

      People and browsers just don't load things the same way all the time.

      Adsense stats are now deleting stats that are invalid. One big reason the
      stats will never match up.


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    Cheers guys. That makes sense.
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