Need Some Guidance on Backlinks Please

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Hello esteemed members!

I do not have a lot of experience with backlinks and I have some questions, if there is anyone who can help I would appreciate it!

1. I have recently bought a domain and recreated the site. The site has a pr8 backlink to an internal page, which I have included in the main menu of the home page. How much of that pr8 juice gets passed on to the home page? Also, in general, how many links on a backlink page will dilute the pr value. The pr8 link in question has approximately 40 links to other sites.

2. I have found myself what look like some good quality expired domains. If I buy them and publish sites on them (not sure if I'll try to rebuild or create a completely new site yet), and then do a bit of backlink work to let G know what the site is about, will it gain a pr value back again, or do I have to wait for the next PR update?

Finally, I know that nobody really knows this shit, but can anyone give me an idea of when the last PR update was, (Dec 2013???) and how many there are in any given 12 month period on average.

Thank you in advance.
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