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Hi there,

I recently tried to register my site with adwords, and it was rejected and suspended for being a bridge site. I read the policy for the bridge policy, and I dont really understand how my site fits into it. The site only points to other pages on the website unless its part of a product review in which it points to the product page on Amazon.

Is that the problem? If its not that I am completely baffled because the whole site has been written by myself and my children as an exercise for them to keep writing over the summer (and beyond) and for me to learn about wordpress, GA, Adsense, and Adwords.

Any help you might be willing to give would be greatly appreciated. The site is Know What I Mean Jelly Bean?

Thanks so very much.
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    Doesn't look that bad as a site.

    Perhaps the problem is the large amounts of banners, you got 8 of them and if they don't fit well with the topic and playfullness of your site at all, which seems to be about recipe's and games, just a tiny bit unrelated I guess

    Anyway I bet all the banners are the main problem here.
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      Thanks for the response. About an hour after I reached out for help - I received an email from google support telling me that they had reviewed the site, and that I had done a good job of fixing the issues....... but I hadnt done anything because I didnt know what the infraction was. They put it through for resubmission. Guess we will see what happens.
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