How do I take rankings accurately?

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Hi all,

in the last few months we encountered an issue in our agency that seems to grow more and more to a serious problem. So far we've always taken rankings manually once a month and we got relatively steady results within the time frame of one month (of course the positions varied a few points for different computers/browsers).
However since a few months we see a drastic change here. We are taking rankings one day and the landing page is ranking on Page 1 for a keyword, and the next day or sometimes only an hour later the landing page is not in the Top 100 anymore. As we are only taking rankings in the office there is no difference in time zone, location etc.

Have you encountered the same problem? Do you have strategies to get more accurate rankings? Are rank tracking tools possibly more accurate than taking the rankings manually?

I'm looking forward to your feedback, thanks in advance
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    This kind of changes may be due to the backlinks of the web pages. But, that doesn't change in this way.
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    Manually or with tools is just the same. Just make sure you use a proxy\VPN AND clear your cookies and have all your accounts logged out when doing it manually so you don't get biased results.
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