What causes a drop in impressions ?

by Beardo 7 replies
My site has seen a drop in visitors of about 30% recently. All my keywords still rank as the always have. Webmaster Tools says all my keywords ( 100+ ) are down 25-30% on average.

Unless people are just too busy watching the World Cup or something I can't understand why there would be a drop in impressions if my rankings haven't changed. These are evergreen keywords. Any ideas guys ?
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    Are the keywords/products/services seasonal?

    I have a few sites that have very predictable fluctuations with impressions. I've been watching them 3 years now and have deduced that it's a completely seasonal thing.
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    Nothing seasonal. Nothing geographical. Nothing device related.
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    Events like World Cup or 4th July or weekend days or etc can be a cause.
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    World cup can impact the rankings. 715.1 million people watched the final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
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    It depends on what your niche is. And yes huge events like the world cup might cause the drop. Check your site back once the event is over as it might get back to normal.
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    Don't rely on the numbers that Google shows you.
    They won't show you the exact numbers, statistics, graphs on all their products.

    They show you:
    - Inaccurate number of links.
    - Inaccurate number of search queries.
    - Inaccurate CTR, clicks and etc...

    The only thing that they show you correctly is the correct ordering of the webpages in SERP.

    That's all there is to it.
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