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Tier Link Pyramid Hi Everyone, I have a few questions about Link Pyramids. Ill let you know a little about me, I own a e-commerce website and I paid someone to do my Seo a year or so ago. They destroyed my business. can't even use my domain anymore. I had to open a different site. So I am Learning SEO on my own. So I don't have to pay someone else to mess my business up. Mind you I am new at SEO

Question 1. What kind of Back Links are best for an e-commerce site?
Question 2. Can I build more than 1 link Pyramid to my site?
Question 3. Can i use sites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google + for my tier 1's
Question 4. What is the best back links for tier 2 & 3.

I appreciate any help i can get with this.
Jerry Miller
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    Mr. Miller, kindly check your private messages as I have tried my best to answer these quesitons. Have a great day!
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    Thank You So Much John and it helped a great bit. thanks again
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