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HI - i'm a bit new here and to SEO in general.

I am taking the leap of faith and also getting SEO PowerSuite next week. I understand that the Link-Assistant is a reciprocal link situation and not a link provider, per se.

How can these strategies be viable? For example, say I am creating a site to sell puppy blankets, why in the world would I create a directory on a site like that so I can build reciprocal links? I always thought, and believe, that the SEs do not like content and links going to and from irrelevant sites.

I have checked some competition for a competitor in the niche I want to focus on. This individual has a #4 position and 40% of the traffic for a given key phrase. When researching a bit more, I found thousands of link backs to this site from absolute content dumps. Sites that allow anyone to post anything and any link to any site. Regardless of content. And including horribly spun content. What gives?

I know you can't really answer fully without seeing their site but I am just looking more for feedback than anything.

Thanks in advance!
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