Got Knocked Off Google Map's Listing In The Main Search Results

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Hey all, hope you're all well.

Short story: A client who I did a site for asked me to some SEO for them - I don't really do SEO but decided to give it a go.

So I looked at one of their competitors to see how they did their - because what happens is when you search "flowers *area*" their competitor comes up in the search results even though they're not based in that area. My client wanted a similar result, so I essentially copied the methodology of the competitor which was merely creating a page for each area.

My client is a florist, so when you search "florist *area*" they'd ideally like to come up. Issue is after I did this (or coincidentally) they were knocked off the Google Map results in the search results. They're still on the map, but not displaying in the actual search results. (image is big so didn't want to embed it)

That image shows that, when searching Albany Florist, they're the first result which isn't an advert, but they're not coming up in the map results even though they were first a while ago.

Thing is, when going to the map, they're there and you can view them on the Google map, as shown here:

This is why I'm confused.

I've set up the Google Business Page as well as a Google+ page and all the addresses and information should be correct.

Hope you can shed some light and sorry about the long post.

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