can i use translated content on my site?

by uznajabeen 4 replies
i just translated a couple of articles and ran them through a palagirsm checker, i just noticed that they are 100% unique.
can i use this content on my site or will google punish me if i use that?
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    Do you have the rights to use the articles?

    From a Google standpoint I would think you are fine, but it is still stealing if you don't have the authors permission to use the material.

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    This is definitely a grey area. First, I would make sure the translation isn't junk copy. Second, I wouldn't build my site content around these translations since it seems like something a future Google update could easily smack down.
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    Yes google point of view you are safe i think, but after rewriting the article grammar mistakes occur,
    I suggest you use your own words, put your own though will works great rather then rewriting
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    It's copyright infringement. But if you're taking the time to translate an article, why not write your own based on the material you've got? You can't really protect ideas and if you take the ideas further it's not even too sleazy.
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