Could you be penalized for association without dedicated IP?

by adiaphoros 1 replies
Question - could you be penalized for guilt by association with spammers if not using a dedicated IP on a shared hosting server?

Or has google's algorithm become advanced enough at this point to be able to tell your site is unique? thus no need for dedicated IP

I know dedicated IP doesn't help with SEO; Im talking worst case cover your ass scenarios here - just wondering if Google has advanced enough not to block an entire IP ranger or such...
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    Interesting question, one I have not seen in quite some time.

    Shared hosting is pretty much acceptable these days and having your site on there is not going to hurt you in the rankings in any way.

    Unless of course your shared hosting service specializes in porn or gambling and somehow you decided to build a site on their server. Which I doubt they would let you do anyway.

    So to answer your question, no you won't get penalized.
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