Websites Banned in 2011 RESURFACE!!

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In 2011, I used a backlink plugin, that will remain nameless, on a few of my blogs

As you may suspect, it worked for a while...

I was making about $2000 a month from the sites total, before the plugin.

Then POOF!!

Fast forward to 2014, my sites have resurfaced!

I was using them as a in my backlink network, and yes even though the sites where de-indexed, the backlinks were still effective.

It's the crawling of the link that matters. Though indexing gives the link more authority.

Still not sure why they ALL came back.

Maybe this last update, or some statute of limitations?

All I did was aggregate articles from ONE article website, and post them to my sites, nothing special...but hey, whatevs bro.

One of the sites even has a spot one ranking for a Clickbank product. The post was made like 4 days a backlink. So no SEO was done, except the title, and tags.

The post itself, is an article from an article site, that has nothing to do with the keyword it's ranking for.

You be surprised at how much of the stuff that "doesn't work"

But I was interested to see if anyone else had a comeback?
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    Hmmm.. That's kinda odd. Usually when your sites get knocked off the first page of Google it stays that way. I guess your backlink plugins is your digital superman lol.
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    Originally Posted by Loopholemarketers View Post

    All I did was aggregate articles from ONE article website, and post them to my sites, nothing special...but hey, whatevs bro.
    Sounds like this random activity coincided with the lifting of your penalty.

    Black hat SEO is going to bite you in the butt 100% of the time. 2011-2014 is a long time to wait if those sites meant something to you back then.
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    I am experiencing similar results on a site which got sandboxed from Google.

    Sometimes it appears again on 1st page, it stays for a week or so then disappears.

    Never abandon your penalised sites if they were making money before you were caught. You may find nice surprises at some point.
    REAL RESULTS! Try and See!
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    If the site received a manual penalty all manual penalties have an expiration date depending on the severity of the offense.
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    I had a site that was number 2 on Google for a couple of years, then one day it was knocked down to page 5. I tried to get it back, but did not get much movement. Then suddenly it was back to number 3 a few months ago.

    I had not done any bad seo for years on the site, so was thinking the penalty was removed and my site bounced back to its page one ranking.
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    Yes, I had 2 sites that tanked a few years back that I have just left, haven't done a single thing. Then all of a sudden they're getting traffic again. Looked at the history in G analytics, and all came back at the same time. In accordance to the new algo change.

    Why? No idea. Like I said, haven't done a thing. But it is interesting...
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    For those of you who said your site suddenly bounced back. Did you ever receive penalty notices in WMT previously for those sites?
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    Any form of SEO is technically B-hat. But I haven't lost a site since. All I use is my private network of blogs that used to be banned sites lol

    The only sites I lost where the ones in that plugin.
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