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So sorry as I'm sure this will have been asked a million times before. I can't seem to reach Google keyword planner. I'm going to Google Adwords but it just asks me to set up an ad campaign which I don't want to do, there appears to be no option to search keywords. I'm getting a bit stuck, can anyone help? I have an adwords account but have never created an ad, and have no need for one at the moment. Thanks!
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    Yeah Google Adwords is a little bit complicated and different from other Google products.
    Follow the steps to reach Keywords Planner
    1) Login into your Adwords Account.
    2) Now you will see different tabs on the top, including campaign. Select tools and then Keywords Planner.
    3) Now you will be redirected to Keywords Planner page and you will now see 4 different options to choose from. Select whatever you desire for.

    Hope this will help you.!
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    Go to Google and type how to use Google Keyword Planner, there are lots of instructional materials and video to help you.
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    A great little "trick" to using the GKP is get into your setup, and instead of entering YOUR site in the URL section (this is under the "keyword or ad group ideas"), enter your competitor's URL.

    Try it with a few of your direct competitors and you will find some pretty great KW's to target.
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    Simply login to and follow the following steps:

    - Click on Tools-> Keyword Planner
    - After this you can select the suitable option as per your requirement.

    Hope this will help you.
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    Here's A Little Trick.... Go To and type in a broad keyword, copy all the results, paste them into GKP under "Get Search Volume For A List Of Keywords And Group Them Into Keywords" Wait for the results, click on keyword ideas, then just find some long-tail keywords to target. It's been working well for me. Just something to try once you figure out the GKP issue, Good luck!
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