Are eCommerce websites really harder to outrank

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Spencer Hawes, creator of Long Tail Pro, says that if you see long tail niche keywords the top 10 results of which have lots of eCommerce websites, you should back away from them. Even if they have low PR, backlinks, Page authority, and no on-page SEO optimization.

Any thoughts on that? I've found tens of keywords but they have lots of eCommerce websites (Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Kmart, eBay, etc) and sometimes Pinterest pages. I do really believe that I can outrank them, but I'm perhaps naive?

Should I look for keywords which have blog/forum results in top 10?
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    Hi NoMoreWords,

    If you think you can out rank them then go for it. Just don't bet the farm on it, as those are not small competitors. Marketing is all about testing, let your test results guide you, not your ego, nor what some self proclaimed expert espouses.

    I think the point that he was making is that if eCommerce stores are dominating the search results then Google has identified that users are probably looking for eCommerce stores whenever they search for the keyword in question.

    Large eCommerce stores have big budgets with which to crush you with, so be wary.
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    Most of the pages of those ecommerce sites ranking in the top 10 for long tail keywords are not optimised. They are ranking due to the power of their root domains and a few internal links.

    Also, the special preference Google gives to them helps them rank well too for phrases Google believes ecommerce sites should dominate. But if you are really confident you can beat them, then proceed.
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