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The sites are up with no content until next week. Is it wise to start building links to these domains before I have all the content on them ???

Are should I wait till after the content, pages, and articles are on them??
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    Wait until you have content IMO... I'm interested what others have to say regarding this matter though.
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      Wait.. You need content first. Build at least most of your site first then start the backlinking slowly to look natural. Then you can ad more content to keep it fresh.
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    I wouldn't build links to a site with zero content.
    A little content, a few links, a little more content, a few more links this time, etc
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    Post content and build link at the same time. It make your site looks natural...
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    Thanks I was planning to wait for the content writers to finish before I starting linking. Just found some good quality links at a good price. So the seller will have to wait.

    Thanks for the input.
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    Lol..These sites have to be gold mines .. good luck with your web spamming of 2014
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      Originally Posted by Dr los3 View Post

      Lol..These sites have to be gold mines .. good luck with your web spamming of 2014
      Sounds like thats the plan

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    Do not build back links for your websites until you really develop them and provide real content with value.
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    Let me put it this way...what value could those sites possibly see in your site right now?

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    I am agree with most of the above answers who wrote about posting some content first and then focusing on building back-links. Think, what would users do in your sites if they find nothing in them. They will find them worthless and would never open them again. It will also increase bounce rate of your site...
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    I used to have a web page that had really many views for the first day buuut there was one problem. I almost had no content there and thet was the main reason why I used to have it long ago. So good content is the main think I think.
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    I am assuming that you don't know to much about this..... so don't hurry to build links that will affect your website and your whole work.
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    Definitely build links AFTER you add content.
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    It doesn't matter If a page has content for building links, all that matters is a page title & maybe a temporary snippet of filler text just to give Google a rough idea on the page subject/keyword.

    A buried webpage is never written in stone, it can be changed whenever you want as often as you want. There's a HUGE difference between editing a page ranked #1 & editing a page that's buried in the SERPs.

    If the page isn't ranking do whatever you want, it's not like your losing anything.

    The whole idea of articles for SEO is just nonsense created by EZA IM link spammers. The internet never forgets, that's for sure.
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