Getting back into SEO - not by choice, but part of my job. Where to relearn?

by blur
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Hello -

As part of my job, I am in charge of online marketing and SEO.

I am hired due to my Drupal knowledge and the SEO/Online marketing is part of my job description.

I was into SEO in 2010 and am still making a little revenue from my efforts then (approx 80-$100 a month). I have let this go though and haven't kept up with the latest. I do understand the basics of repurposing content and using it to build links. I just need a little education on things past that.

Where is a good place to start to get up to speed? ...think 2010 up to now. The last think I knew we that link wheels were getting to be outdated (if I make sense with my recollection).
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    here's a good place to start!

    Google Algorithm Change History - Moz

    Internet enthusiast, learning every day!

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    Things changed a little since then. Maybe the SEO section could be a good place to collect some info but the best advice (which is not SEO related but will probably not change in a couple of years) is: build your list.

    SEO is erratic and will probably always be so if you can build a list in the process, it may be a good deal.
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      Originally Posted by ddev View Post

      SEO is erratic and will probably always be so if you can build a list in the process, it may be a good deal.
      Yes, SEO is eratic and is dependent on others for your marketing efforts. Building a list and working well with social media is also something I need to learn. It's all all around effort with many points and all should be considered. Thank you for bringing this back to the forefront of my efforts.

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    Thank you everyone for the information.

    So, a basic question: I have read that Google is penalizing for sites that aren't mobile friendly. This makes sense if the search query is coming from a phone or tablet. Is this true? And how does Google detect it (media queries, etc...)?

    I assume these are basic questions and I'm pretty sure the bulk of the effort in becoming an authoritative site comes from inbound link structure.

    Also, we are going thru a massive effort in reorganizing our website. Would google penalize us if it all of a sudden discovers that we are optimizing for certain phrases and terms (let's assume we are being conservative in these terms and not "spammy").

    Yikes, I think this thread should have been originally put in the SEO section, I apologize.

    Also, right now we (we means me) uses Market Samurai but think IBP might be a better solution as now I have the funding to license this software. Is it worth it? I have development tasks as well and maintain multiple sites for our company (we acquired many more related companies related to our niche in the last couple of years that also need a website make-over). I don't think I can convince the managing partners to hire an outside firm and I really don't have the time to do any online business ventures for myself, so any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Also, does optimizing for Google (as default) optimize for bing? I've read Yahoo uses some Google data for their results so would it be safe to assume ( right?) to think we efforts will work well in that arena too

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    thanks for coming out with that question
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    Originally Posted by blur View Post

    Hello -

    As part of my job, I am in charge of online marketing and SEO.

    I am hired due to my Drupal knowledge and the SEO/Online marketing is part of my job description.
    Why didn't they hire you due to your SEO knowledge?

    I must live on another plantet.

    If you think someone can do that job by frequenting the warrior forum, then you
    are not alone. That planet is over-populated.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      First solid onpage optimization, nowadays it's harder to rank a site if it covers tons of different topics, so if that's the case, even if they are somewhat related under the parent it's wise to make sub sections on your site that cover the keyword you like to rank for, eg category or silo structure. My own affiliate sites have at least 6 articles that cover the same keyword for example. Eg: 6 reviews about hair dryers, 6 reviews about flat irons etc. That's how you create inner relevance by interlinking it.

      Then it's all about links, relevancy plays a larger role these days, for example if you place a link within relevant content it's much more effective then when you just randomly place a link like in a footer or sidebar of non related site. You can force the effectiveness on a non related / non content related link by using anchor text. If you place a link on a random site without related content or anything and you use domain name or URL anchor then the link is virtually worth nothing.

      Anyway that's just some basic stuff to keep in mind.
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    The 2010 SEO methods will only harm your site. There are far too many changes. In 2010 it was as easy like write an article spin it and submit to 2000 articles and 1000 web directories with exact anchor texts and you will be on Top of Page 1.

    If you do the same now, your site will sink for ever and will also receive algorithm penalties as well as manual penalty. If you want to know the current methods for link building. Try this,

    Backlinks: 17 Powerful (Yet Untapped) Sources

    Having Monthly traffic of above 50,000 visitors but low CTR and RPM in Google Adsense ? Give me a chance to fix your adsense income. Pay me once and earn more income life long. Check out my profile as an Adsense Optimization Freelancer in Upwork

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    I agree Moz is a good place to update yourself of the changes in SEO post 2010. As for what's working and what's not in SEO, take note to balance your on page SEO efforts with off page SEO. Always prioritize high quality and unique content (and as much as possible, come up with something that can become viral online). Yes it is still essential to 'SEO' your articles but do not overdo it. The same thing can be said when building backlinks through anchor texts. These days you can vary your anchor text links to urls and generic terms. Also, social media plays a very important role as well. So do not forget to mix your SEO campaign with your social media campaign. Good luck!
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    Just stick to one of these websites , search engine land, search engine watch , seobook or quick sprout. Read them all and you are back in business.
    Good luck.
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    Before starting the work harder just understand that content is what keeps up a strong foundation on long term. If you understand and know how to reach to your audience you will do a great work on long term.
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