Is adwords unrelated to rankings?

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Any reason to use or not to use adwords for ranking reasons?

If someone uses adwords due to lack of rankings would you ever be concerned that google might keep you not ranking or vice versa?

In other words would you say ranking wouldn't need to be a concern when it comes to choosing whether to use adwords or not?

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    I do not believe Google will lower the ranking of a website if the owner uses their adwords program. There are many websites and companies with high ranking and they also use adwords.
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    I don't think so as Adwords mainly good for selling something as it helps you to archive conversion rate but ranking mainly depends on your SEO work. You can see lots of websites which are big and have good ranks but still use Adwords for sales.
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    It's isn't. It's not fair if ranking depend on Adwords.
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    No, ranking is not depends on google adwords.

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    Biiiiig no actually.

    96% (ish) of Googles revenue comes from Adwords and they're doing everything they can not to mix googlebot and Adsbot, cause if you could manipulate Adsbot as much as you can googlebot (SEO activities in general) they'd be ****ed...
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      Adwords can have positive effects upon your integrated digital marketing strategy, but it is widely considered to not affect organic rankings at all.

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  • Ranking Does not Depends on PPC Adwords
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