Comparing trust flow, citation flow, domain authority and page authority

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Looking to buy some domains to make a small PBN, thing is...

when searching for a new domain to buy, looking at the domain stats (trust flow, citation flow, domain authority, page authority), which is the most important in your opinion to be looking at?

Why is the one stat you picked better than the others to make the domain a stronger domain to link from?
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    I don't really trust these metrics and never have. The only argument for them is that they can give a rough/quick filtering method of terrible domains. There is no better technique of judging a domain than looking at the backlinks themselves, you can then make your own reasoned judgement as to whether these are quality links or spammy ones. If I wanted to do some in depth analysis, I'd export the backlinks from the 3 major backlink services as csv files, import them into seo spyglass and analyse the tags (nofollow?), OBL and page rank.

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    The metrics are good for filtering out a big list of domains. You do need to spam check them manually though as metrics can be faked through link building. I usually filter my DA of 25 and up and do manual checks on back links for spam. I would also recommend using way back machine to see if the site was used as a PBN site before or was really spammy looking.
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    I use ahrefs most of the time, so the metrics I look at are domain rank and url rank. However, I seldom use OSE to check the page authority of the domains I'm considering.
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    Thanks for the replies

    Latest site I am working on: Devsters Forums
    To check out my personal blog - just head over to Martin :)

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