How do I find a good SEO person?

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I would LOVE to pay someone to get my real estate website in the Google organic top 10.
My question is how can I find someone qualified to do the job?
Many people make false promises.
Time is money!
I know someone who understands the SEO business needs money and I am willing to pay a fair price for results.
My site has been online for 10 years, dedicated server, idx uploaded daily and I am sitting at Google top 50.
I would like to post the url and get people to tell me what they would change and what they charge but I get enough SEO spam.
What is the best way to hire someone who can get result to handle my SEO.
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    Dont mean to sound rude but why have you waited 10 years to do something? theirs pleny of things you can do yourself for SEO, but if your going to spend on SEO firms prepare to spend a fair bit of money, theres some very good services here on the WF takea look round, many have brilliant reviews from trusted warriors. and mnay have gotten my sites to page 1 over time. your definatley in the right place

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      I have held my own for some time but over the last one to two years my rankings have dropped. I have wasted the last year trying people who have no idea what they are doing. I have paid "experts" only to watch my rankings drop after they take over. While I am not SEO expert I have managed things well for 7-8 years but I think its time to get back in the real estate game. I thought I would try your site to see If I can find someone reliable who understand what they are doing. I can't afford to pay someone and watch them screw up my rankings. I was hoping someone has a good way of find qualified, White Hat SEO people that can get results. I saw the contest page and my mind started thinking. I do not know how that could work since it would be hard to see who actually had results.
      Anyone have any ideas?
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    We've written many articles about working with SEO companies on our blog. I recommend you check out the company's clients first to see the results. Get a quote from different companies and talk to them about their process. If you want to work with a reputable SEO company, they will speak with you about the program and also provide referrals for you to check out from their current client list.
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    Hello John

    After all Google Updates indeed content plays a very important role in optimization BUT not any kind and not anywhere distributed. With other words you need to know/have someone capable to understand how the system works.

    What you should know about any SEO campaign:
    1. First see if your on page is updated and you headlines, context and content was done professional.
    2. CTA (Call-to-Action) is high - with other words you need to have a good design. People click back when they see not friendly sites.
    3. Social media play an important role as well. Facebook, Google+,Twitter. All the content that you distribute on your site and off site should be shared there too.
    4. Coming back to On page: stuff like titles, meta tags, descriptions need to be done too. A good headline will always be powerful.
    5. For off page quality is very important. Digg for natural, genuine backlinks and not free stuff where 110% from business users add junk content and spam.
    6. Communities are very important, as much as a good blog post, because if you have a design or art website you can meet people, share and teach others. And that's actually a very important thing to Share and not expect things back until people will notice your professionalism.
    7. Citations and reviews are very powerful especially if your business is local.
    8. Craiglists, Question and answers sites too.
    9. High quality sites or newspapers sites where to get editorials are the place where you can get dofollow links and a lot of natural share. I can offer such work on BBC, Huffingtonpost, Theepochtimes and other top sites. As I said above it's not about 100 links, but 1-2 which makes the difference.
    10. More, if the business is local things can be updated to chamber of commerce, flayers, and other local activities.
    11. Distribute as much content as possible.

    This would be a plan that I recommend for all my clients and has success. My work goes more to PR media which is much more powerful than traditional link building.

    If you have questions or you need more help I can give you some free tips and site audit.

    Let me know,
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    Find people that have case studies with real references that you can check up on.
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    Honestly, if you know a little bit about SEO yourself, contact a few SEOs and interview them. Talk to them. Ignore their sales page. Ignore all the hype. Get them on the phone and talk about what they do.

    Also, if they sell anything in packages... run.
    If they start talking about .EDU and .GOV links... run
    If they think that Facebook Likes, Google +1's, and Twitter Tweets are going to help your rankings... run.

    Just a few of many warning signs to watch out for.
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    SEO for real estate industry is tough. You really need to know what you are doing.

    A few tips. Let say you are targeting New York City. Don't go for generic keyword like New York City Real Estate. This is doable but cost you too much money and time and your conversion rate will most likely be too low for the effort. Instead go for something like "2015 Best Flushing New York Italian Realtor". Here's my plan if I were you

    - Hire someone to do long tailed keyword research
    - Hire PPC expert to test the conversion & click through rates
    - Test your landing pages/websites
    - if you are confident about your keywords/landing pages then hire an SEO expert/firm

    Every keywords are rankable if you have money and time. What you need to focus is the Money Keywords that are converting and seo for that keywords.
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