Latest Panda Update to Affect Upto 5% of Search Querries

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If you've had a drop in your rankings and search traffic over the last week or so it could be that you got affected by the latest panda update or Panda 4.1 as Search Engine Land calls it.

Google says depending on location around 3-5% of search queries are affected. That's millions of queries.

According to Google this updated is to help small and medium-sized sites rank higher.

Unfortunately my month old niche affiliate site saw a drop in traffic for some of the bigger keywords. I'm still getting search traffic for the long tail keywords though which is nice considering I'm still adding more articles to this site.

My main site didn't see any movement. I'm doing a lot of natural link building for this one.

"The rollout means anyone who was penalized by Panda in the last update has a chance to emerge, if they made the right changes. So if you were hit by Panda, made alterations to your site, you'll know by the end of next week if those were good enough, if you see an increase in traffic.

The rollout also means that new sites not previously hit by Panda might get impacted. If you've seen a sudden traffic drop from Google this week, or note one in the coming days, then this latest Panda Update is likely to blame".

Anyone else seen a drop in search traffic?
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    The update will continue another week, hopefully it will be a good update to eliminate the spam and improve quality sites ranking as they have stated.
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    I am seeing some changes in rankings and traffic.

    Typically how long does it take for the dust to settle after this happens?

    Because you see movement for some rankings, but not all, does that mean you will stay where you dropped to or do the rankings fluctuate a lot during these updates and your previous ranking could come back?
    They Say You Can't...Show Them How
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    Wah, so that's why my rank suddenly dropped a week ago.. Is there any way to make my site occupy its previous position other than the standard "make good content, increase backlinks, etc." ? Because I already know that and I need another method (as long as it's legal). Thanks.
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