Someone Is Purposely Sabotaging My Site With BAD Links

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If Google uses links to a page as an indicator of credibility then I sure hope they have some crazy system in place to detect someone trying to mess with your site.

Anymore, every time I launch a new site I detect perhaps a competitor trying to take me down.


My latest site...I was looking over webmaster tools and it seems to think that I have 6 missing pages. I do not. When I see what pages are missing they are pages I never created. I can also tell because I use Wordpress which hides the .php extension and all of these pages have the .php extension.

When I investigated who was linking to me, I found that someone had taken one of my articles without permission and published it on In the author section they linked to my homepage, but also linked to a page that doesn't exist with their own keyword of choice.

It's obvious. They didn't use the article to link to their own website, they wanted to punish mine somehow.

It's so sickening - people can be pathetic. But I wonder what your thoughts are? I've seen this over and over again with many of my sites. Have you had this problem? do you think it affects your SERP positioning?
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    This is industrial & commercial sabotaging of the 21th century. Yes it's pathetic, but when money is involved, people turns bad. I don't have solutions for you, just find who is it.
    If thoses attacks are isolated, don't worry about your serp. If they're continuous, someone want your skin.
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    You can use the disavow tool from google, may it will help you.
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    Maybe a scraper bot is stalking you?
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      Same was happening with me (but post were not copied). Some adult sites were linking to mine site. Then I use Google disavow link as momotaro already suggested

      Originally Posted by momotaro View Post

      You can use the disavow tool from google, may it will help you.
      I blocked those links after then again new sites starts to point at my site. This game was played till 2 months after then I win and so keep patience and block every single link which is pointing to your site ( Which you don't want).

      My blog - Tecktide

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    You will handle using google webmaster tool and discow tools.
    You need to take a backlinks alert system which is very usefull to instant alert of backlinks.
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    Better start working on those links and removing them. Article sites are notorious for triggering manual penalties.

    Just disavowing won't save you from a penalty and I would never recommend to disavow links without enough evidence to support the submission. Better be proactive now than reactive when a penalty is imposed.
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