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Forum: Copywriting 6th October 2015, 07:32 AM
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: Constructive critique [UPDATED] [SECOND ATTEMPT]

Your target audience is still not completely defined.

A thing to keep in mind if you're writing for women, is to include info about safety considering the location. That's the first thought I had...
Forum: Copywriting 8th August 2014, 06:46 AM
Replies: 5
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: Learning copywriting in college

skriker, if it's a class you can take and it will count towards your degree (meaning you're not paying extra for it as it's already part of your curriculum) and it'll teach you some basics, go for...
Forum: Copywriting 7th August 2014, 09:58 AM
Replies: 31
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Posted By aidacopy
Forum: Copywriting 7th August 2014, 09:49 AM
Replies: 9
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: Cost For a Sales Page

doctorgringo, it's doubtful you'll find someone on here for $75-$150. You may on elance - but then you're totally gambling with quality, and especially if you haven't fleshed out what exactly you're...
Forum: Copywriting 6th August 2014, 05:46 AM
Replies: 12
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: I'm throwing my hat in the ring

First of all, congrats! Throwing your hat in the ring is a scary prospect, and now you've done it.

Like Cam, I'm having trouble seeing your angle here. Is it supposed to be an article on the...
Forum: Copywriting 4th August 2014, 10:10 AM
Replies: 27
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: Convincing People To Buy


Or in Halbert's words, find a starving crowd first. And when you find them, focus on why your product is better than all the other products out there. (Much easier to do when they already...
Forum: Copywriting 4th August 2014, 05:46 AM
Replies: 46
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: Critique Requested (thank you in advance)


Do they have any research re: how this brush coating affects the skin?

As a woman, when buying brushes and sponges for makeup, I don't care how intelligent a makeup company perceives...
Forum: Copywriting 11th April 2014, 06:40 PM
Replies: 15
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: Direct Mail- Web Design Clients

Definitely offer something for free first. Remember you're hitting them up out of nowhere. You need to build trust and relationships. Esp if you expect them to shell out 10K for web design.

Forum: Copywriting 9th April 2014, 11:49 AM
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: Hardest Part When It Comes to Copywriting?

Girl actually :) (I get that a lot here.)

You're 100% right about reverse engineering... One of the customers will end up using the sales letter as the outline for writing the actual product.
Forum: Copywriting 9th April 2014, 07:38 AM
Replies: 9
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: Hardest Part When It Comes to Copywriting?

what chris said...

and also customers who aren't sure about what they need. i recently wrote a couple of sales letters for products that don't exist yet, or are in the starting phase of...
Forum: Copywriting 4th April 2014, 12:32 PM
Replies: 12
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: How To Establish Yourself As A Copywriter, Without Previous Credibility, Testimonials or Experie


Paul's course is top notch! He is attentive, knowledgeable, and able to immediately point out what you could be doing better (and how). The modules are thorough and helpful.

Forum: Copywriting 4th April 2014, 11:52 AM
Replies: 63
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: Helping a homeless guy out...


i just bought the book and stepped away for a few minutes... where does one download it from, my paypal link expired and i didn't see anything in my email?
Forum: Copywriting 27th March 2014, 06:57 AM
Replies: 6
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: What does an assignment look like?

Depends on the type of assignment and your client.

Unless you're also a designer designing the page/brochure/etc., you're generally good to go by submitting it as a word document.

Keep in...
Forum: Copywriting 27th March 2014, 06:48 AM
Replies: 35
Views: 1,395
Posted By aidacopy
Re: Copywriters - do you HAVE TO have a photo of yourself on your site?

Once I was looking for a dentist and came across this one whose teeth were soooo busted, I couldn't believe someone let him put the picture up. Needless to say he didn't get my business... :D

Forum: Copywriting 21st March 2014, 05:31 AM
Replies: 13
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: Catalog Copy: How to Get Experience/Samples?

have you thought about etsy?

it's full of talented sellers whose product descriptions generally suck. find a seller you like and then rewrite a couple of product descriptions and see if they'll...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 9th September 2013, 07:56 AM
Replies: 23
Views: 708
Posted By aidacopy
Re: kindle pricing

I agree with Kay and dantplayer... People will feel "punished" if you suddenly make them pay for something that was free before.

However... You could pull the book off the market, update it, add...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 4th June 2013, 03:54 PM
Replies: 143
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: Enough with the "building a relationship" stuff

what niche are you in?

the people who buy the products you pitch may buy based on appeal the first time around. but whether they'll continue buying products from you depends very much on the...
Forum: Copywriting 4th June 2013, 07:37 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 1,389
Posted By aidacopy
Re: Getting Your Shit Together - John Carlton on Kindle

Yes! Brilliant guide, and very detailed too.

I can't believe it's only $10!
Forum: Copywriting 31st May 2013, 05:32 AM
Replies: 34
Views: 1,841
Posted By aidacopy
Re: Trust me Dude, I'm Lying

Don, do you mean Germany got Mexico as an ally in WWI, not Hitler? Hitler didn't become president of Germany until 1930s, long after WWI and Wilson's terms ended.
Forum: Offline Marketing 30th May 2013, 09:03 AM
Replies: 11
Views: 823
Posted By aidacopy
Re: Being mediocre in life is so easy, how hard do you work?


Firstly, congrats on what you've achieved up until now!

Secondly, are you still passionate about your work? It's possible that complacency has set in because you should be moving in a...
Forum: Offline Marketing 28th May 2013, 12:35 PM
Replies: 47
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Posted By aidacopy
Re: US Postal Service Gone Within One Year?

Aaron - agreed on all your points.
cshilling22 - same in my neighborhood.

it's highly doubtful that they'll be gone though. they've been talking about cutting the saturday service for a couple...
Forum: Copywriting 25th May 2013, 09:55 AM
Replies: 12
Views: 3,956
Posted By aidacopy
Re: What is the best course on copywriting?

Good luck and keep me updated how it goes!
Forum: Copywriting 25th May 2013, 06:45 AM
Replies: 12
Views: 3,956
Posted By aidacopy
Re: What is the best course on copywriting?


i'm currently about halfway through paul hancox's mentoring program, and it's excellent. while some people learn just fine by reading books and practicing on their own, i wanted...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 23rd May 2013, 07:55 AM
Replies: 8
Views: 373
Posted By aidacopy
Re: How To SEO An Old Site?

None whatsoever? In that case do a little bit of both.

Why don't you revamp 10 old pages and see how that affects the site, and spend the rest of the time adding new stuff that you're SEOing?
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 23rd May 2013, 05:26 AM
Replies: 8
Views: 373
Posted By aidacopy
Re: How To SEO An Old Site?

Hey JMW, what do you mean by SEO is non-existent? If the website is old and has numerous articles it should have ranked for at least some of the keywords.

I'm unfamiliar with Yoast, but I see two...
Forum: Copywriting 22nd May 2013, 06:57 AM
Replies: 20
Views: 2,560
Posted By aidacopy
Re: How Long does it take you to write a good copy??


relax. you're doing great! copywriting is a skill. it takes time. with each new letter you'll get a little better.

when you get stuck, take a day off and do something else. clear...
Forum: Copywriting 21st May 2013, 12:51 PM
Replies: 30
Views: 904
Posted By aidacopy
Re: Why Firing Some Clients is a Good Thing

This is so true Shawn.

I'm fairly recent to copywriting, but have been translating for years. There are some clients out there that feel they own you because they've paid you to do a project.
Forum: Copywriting 15th May 2013, 11:24 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 531
Posted By aidacopy
Re: Where to look?

Check out the interviews with famous copywriters here. Many, many tips in these interviews: (

Sign up for Halbert's newsletter,...
Forum: Copywriting 12th May 2013, 05:12 AM
Replies: 19
Views: 1,599
Posted By aidacopy
Re: When copying ads by hand - should you be focused?


If you're losing focus while writing try reading the sales letter again, and identifying all the different parts (headline, first paragraph, call to action, etc.). Then start out by...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 24th April 2013, 07:36 AM
Replies: 12
Views: 365
Posted By aidacopy
Re: Should I start a new blog?

It doesn't have to mean that Moneyland had bad articles on the site before... Google is vicious when it comes to updates. A lot of people with great sites lost ranking after Panda, especially smaller...
Forum: eCommerce Sites, Wholesaling & Drop Shipping 24th April 2013, 07:15 AM
Replies: 10
Views: 691
Posted By aidacopy
Re: What CMS should i use Warriors?


Go with wordpress. It's simple to use, and it'll make life easier for you and your visitors/contributors.

You can invite contributors (users) to your site, and they'll be able to sign...
Forum: Copywriting 19th March 2013, 09:17 AM
Replies: 31
Views: 4,048
Posted By aidacopy
Re: Copywriting mentor

Hi Lee Ann,

I'm a newbie too. I’ve been doing the mentoring with Paul for the last couple of months, and it’s been great. He’s knowledgeable, funny, and jumps in to help you when you're stuck. He...
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