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Forum: Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings 30th May 2011, 04:24 PM
Replies: 34
Views: 4,560

Fiverr can save you a ton of money for small jobs that some professionals would overcharge for. For only 5 bucks - you can't beat it. You DO have to be careful and look at the reviews of the...
Forum: Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings 20th December 2010, 03:13 PM
Replies: 72
Views: 13,221
Re: Elite Niche Research

Many of you are saying that you typed the keywords in Google to find a review on this product - but I just came straight to the Warrior Forum - ha ha ha lol.
Forum: Ad Networks (CPM/CPL, Display) 12th July 2010, 09:24 PM
Replies: 35
Views: 2,968
Re: Anyone heard of CPATank?

I do use the major networks - I was just curious about these guys -Ok - thanks!
Forum: Ad Networks (CPM/CPL, Display) 12th July 2010, 03:43 AM
Replies: 35
Views: 2,968
Anyone heard of CPATank?

Just wanted to know if anyone personally used CPATank - and do they pay on time.

Forum: Ad Networks (CPM/CPL, Display) 9th June 2010, 02:56 PM
Replies: 10
Views: 1,328
Does CPA offers really pay Per Action/Leads?

Hi guys. I am new to CPAs, but I am studying up on it now. Here is my question:

You know there are CPA offers that require just a name and email/zipcode etc. - do you actually get paid when the...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 1st June 2010, 07:14 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 6,315
Re: How long does it take adsense to show earnings after clicks?

Thanks alot guys - did not expect you all to get back to me that fast! lol.
Thanks again!
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 1st June 2010, 07:02 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 6,315
How long does it take adsense to show earnings after clicks?

Hi guys. I was just wondering - when someone clicks on your adsense ads, how long does it take for adsense to show the earnings? Is it in "real time" - or does it take a few hours? Do they wait until...
Forum: Mind Warriors 13th May 2010, 05:33 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 657
Re: I Hate My Life! I Love My Life! What Life?

Prime777, I know this world is full of the negative. But when it came to those posts, I did not see it like that.

I think the reason the "I hate my life" got so much activity is because:

Forum: Mind Warriors 13th May 2010, 05:19 PM
Replies: 64
Views: 2,569
Re: How do you help others?

This is not the last time I helped someone, but I remember when I was driving back home from college. I saw an old homeless man pushing a buggie with old clothes and bottles in it. I've seen him many...
Forum: Mind Warriors 13th May 2010, 05:11 PM
Replies: 13
Views: 749
Re: #1 in yahoo...but no traffic

But you still should be getting SOME clickthrus -(even if your keyword is not the best as far as what customers are really looking for) it can't just be ZERO hits. Whether they are buyers or not -...
Forum: Mind Warriors 13th May 2010, 04:01 PM
Replies: 23
Views: 6,706
Re: Wisdom: How Do You Describe It?

Simply put - I think wisdom is valuable experience. Keyword is valuable. It is also smart, knowledgable advice that can have a huge impact on your life whether you follow it or not.
Forum: Mind Warriors 12th May 2010, 09:10 AM
Replies: 31
Views: 1,517
Re: F**K IT!! Lets Get This Over With!

Well, I guess whatever "floats your boat". You can also think of the things that will happen to you if you don't go ahead and take massive action.
Forum: Mind Warriors 11th May 2010, 08:43 PM
Replies: 164
Views: 7,440
Re: Do you collect inspriational quotes?

I never really thought about collecting quotes, but I need to print some out and put it near my computer. It is also good to have them to pass on to your children and grandchildren - lord knows they...
Forum: Mind Warriors 11th May 2010, 08:39 PM
Replies: 38
Views: 1,577
Re: You Are What You Speak!

Yes, this is very true. You are also what you think. Thats why we need to be careful of what we watch on tv and what goes into our brains. This is also why I don't watch the news much. I find out...
Forum: Mind Warriors 11th May 2010, 08:30 PM
Replies: 14
Views: 985
Re: Life is just about PERSISTENCE

One thing I would like to add is that having persistence when life gives you so much trouble is what builds character. Years ago I use to complain about my problems in life and did not know how to...
Forum: Mind Warriors 11th May 2010, 08:18 PM
Replies: 13
Views: 1,144
Re: The success philosophy through books

I like them all. But the first two are legendary. I read "Think and Grow Rich" a long time ago but don't know what happen to it. I downloaded it again a few days ago because its good to read over...
Forum: Mind Warriors 11th May 2010, 10:47 AM
Replies: 19
Views: 1,738
Re: PPC+ClickBank-First Sale-Hope to Scale it Up

WilliamL, keep up the good work. I am glad to hear about your new product coming out this week. I am also coming out with a new product later on this week. Can your product help people like me with...
Forum: Mind Warriors 11th May 2010, 10:37 AM
Replies: 3
Views: 2,319
Re: Always think of the consequences good and bad.

This is good advice. I wish some people who work a regular 9-5 job they are not happy with could see this point also. The younger guys say, "well, I will get into that business stuff later."

Forum: Mind Warriors 11th May 2010, 10:19 AM
Replies: 20
Views: 1,047
Re: How Do You Focus?

Yes, I agree with mainstreetcm. You need a schedule. I know exactly what you mean because I use to have distractions. If you don't start with a schedule, then things you should have done will slip...
Forum: Mind Warriors 11th May 2010, 09:59 AM
Replies: 42
Views: 1,484
Re: When To Quit In Life

Notice that you said, "You have been pursuing something for years. Something really dear to you and which demands that you succeed doing it".

Now if it is dear to you - then why would you stop...
Forum: Mind Warriors 10th May 2010, 07:12 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 643
Re: Mind over "Matters"

Think the way sallycev said it is correct. Anyway, I'm sure we all get the point though.
Forum: Mind Warriors 10th May 2010, 05:41 PM
Replies: 40
Views: 1,449
Re: so much garbage on web

I would like to throw my 2 cents in here. To start, you must do your research and enter a business with a product that has a demand. Next, you need to find out the competition level. Competition is...
Forum: Mind Warriors 10th May 2010, 05:28 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 682
Re: What Do Think You About These Statisitcs?

Just think how far the employees would get if they geared all that time toward an online business. ;)
Forum: Mind Warriors 10th May 2010, 05:22 PM
Replies: 10
Views: 1,129
Re: Exercise to Calm Strong Emotions

Sounds interesting. I need to try that sometimes. It has been a long time since I have actually laid down and inhaled and exhaled in a slow controlled relaxing manner.

I do inhale and exhale at...
Forum: Mind Warriors 10th May 2010, 05:14 PM
Replies: 8
Views: 621
Re: Your Subscribers Aren't Buying? Discover The Reason Why!

Good post. But I would say this. Your salescopy must look decent, but it does not need to have the most amazing graphics or have the ability to magically hypnotize a subscriber into taking action.
Forum: Mind Warriors 10th May 2010, 02:19 PM
Replies: 24
Views: 824
Re: Are you making money for the right reasons?

I am so glad that you started this post because it helps us warriors think. It needs to start here because some of us will move on to become very wealthy. I would hope that the ones who do think...
Forum: Mind Warriors 10th May 2010, 01:59 PM
Replies: 122
Views: 5,333
Re: Holy crap I did it.

Good job Lisa! Keep up the good work. Go travel and see the world.
Forum: Mind Warriors 10th May 2010, 01:53 PM
Replies: 43
Views: 2,479
Re: My $5,250 a Month Step-By-Step Blueprint – You Can Steal It Today

Your daughter is going to be a great internet marketer like her dad. Your blueprint is similar to mine - but I remember that I use to always mess one of the steps up and had trouble continuing. I...
Forum: Mind Warriors 10th May 2010, 01:44 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 1,486
Re: It's not as bad as you think... really

I like that one. I think I will use it. You see, these are the kind of words that will give you that extra "push" (or kick in the butt) when you need it.
Forum: Mind Warriors 10th May 2010, 01:40 PM
Replies: 151
Views: 5,625
Re: The Power of Consistency

When a question is asked, "what it takes to succeed in anything in life?" - Consistency should be in the top 5! Come to think of it - everything that I went to accomplish in my life and had been...
Forum: Mind Warriors 9th May 2010, 09:44 PM
Replies: 18
Views: 1,062
Re: The 23 years old video that might change your life!!

Thanks for the video. I think I like this guy - he made some great points. I see guys on the street all the time - talking about what they going to do but never take the steps to sacrifice and do...
Forum: Mind Warriors 9th May 2010, 09:38 PM
Replies: 175
Views: 10,552
Re: What Is The Most Inspirational Quote You Have Heard?

I would have to say my favorite quote is "get rich or die trying" - no just kidding:D

It would probably be: "the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step". Because it the past, that...
Forum: Mind Warriors 9th May 2010, 09:34 PM
Replies: 15
Views: 774
Re: Enjoying My Internet Marketing Experience Thus Far - Are You??

I am enjoying the experience. When I started, I never knew it would be such a huge learning curve. Online Marketing is an art. I mean, just like a basketball player has to learn and practice like...
Forum: Mind Warriors 9th May 2010, 06:54 PM
Replies: 38
Views: 1,196
Re: "I Love Money"

"The love of money is the root of all evil." Money itself is not evil. The love of money is the "ROOT" of all evil. Some people misinterpret wrong. From that quote - I personally don't think it is...
Forum: Mind Warriors 9th May 2010, 06:18 PM
Replies: 19
Views: 2,849
Re: What Makes You Different From The Rest?

Being unique is good for your business. But you don't ever want to over do it. You don't want to be so unique to the point where it makes the customer feel confused. I truly believe in great...
Forum: Mind Warriors 9th May 2010, 05:54 PM
Replies: 166
Views: 9,850
Re: How do you stop thinking?

I would like to keep my brain thinking on autopilot at all times. Have you ever been in the shower - then suddenly you thought of the most brilliant marketing idea? That is usually the idea that...
Forum: Mind Warriors 9th May 2010, 02:43 PM
Replies: 50
Views: 2,396
Re: Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, an amazing resource

You know what? I heard so much about it - but I can't remember if I read it or not (I have read a lot of ebooks). Its been out for a while. I just saved the site in my favorites. I will download...
Forum: Mind Warriors 9th May 2010, 01:57 PM
Replies: 41
Views: 1,502
Re: Do you have a favorite movie that inspires you?

As far as movies that inspires me - I like Tylor Perry's Movies. I also like "the omega code".

There are more - but I can't think of the rest because of my love for horror movies. Overall, I...
Forum: Mind Warriors 9th May 2010, 01:31 PM
Replies: 13
Views: 1,088
Re: Happy Mother's Day...

Yes, Happy Mother's Day! I surprised my mother with her gift on Friday before she left to go out of town.

Nice videos Maksym and Bayo!
Forum: Mind Warriors 9th May 2010, 12:57 PM
Replies: 17
Views: 857
Re: Newbie Gets Second Check!

That is great zenji! Keep up the good work. I know the feeling when you get that check. It gives you a lot of motivation to keep going.
Forum: Mind Warriors 9th May 2010, 12:53 PM
Replies: 77
Views: 2,670
Re: So I Got Laid Off Today

Chris, I know how you feel. I am in the same situation - except I just left my job because of the situation and after 13 years of dreaming of a home business - I am only a few days away from...
Forum: Mind Warriors 6th May 2010, 05:36 PM
Replies: 39
Views: 1,255
Re: Can success be taught?

I think what it takes to be successful can be taught. But it all depends on the person, what his goal is, and how bad he/she wants it.

I don't believe a person is naturally gifted. When a baby...
Forum: Mind Warriors 6th May 2010, 05:28 PM
Replies: 115
Views: 5,290
Re: Do you sleep less than 6 hours or more than 9?

I heard that coming out of childhood - to teen - and on to adulthood that you need less and less sleep. You ever noticed how much babies seem to sleep. But I think 6 - 8 is fine.

If you feel...
Forum: Off Topic Forum 6th May 2010, 05:22 PM
Replies: 61
Views: 2,076
Re: Lack of sleep could lead us to an early grave

I believe lack of sleep can lead to stess on your body. You body need time to rejuvenate and repair itself and rest. No rest can lead to overstrain and beat your body all up. So yeah - I also heard...
Forum: Off Topic Forum 6th May 2010, 05:12 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 517
Re: Flippa Bullsh**ting

I guess they are really strict on bidding and then not following through with it. The best way to have done it in my opinion is to ask the seller to discontinue and cut the auction short. Which is...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 6th May 2010, 02:38 PM
Replies: 72
Views: 3,987
Re: Who makes more then $3 a day with Adsense per website?

I don't think you can pin point exactly 100 sites at $3. One may earn only $1 a day. Then you have some sites where the earnings go up and down (ie 3$ yesterday - but $1 today)

I definitely...
Forum: Mind Warriors 6th May 2010, 02:15 PM
Replies: 50
Views: 2,597
Re: Materialistic $UCCESS

Honestbizpro, I am glad you changed your mind from owning an island. I must add that if you did, I hope you have even more money for what you have to do once you get it. It would be like buying a...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 5th May 2010, 07:09 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 710
Re: Article Marketing Advice for Newbie~

I don't see anything wrong with rewriting or rephrasing an article. Maybe you can use copyscape if it is your major concern. But now-a-days articles are being thrown around everywhere. Someone may...
Forum: Copywriting 5th May 2010, 06:49 PM
Replies: 10
Views: 1,191
Re: Crazy method... it worked. I bought. I feel used.

Just to add my 2 cents - I think when the copywriter (or people in general) complain or is negative about something, people tend to lean in the favor of believing that person.

If you type in a...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 5th May 2010, 06:26 PM
Replies: 12
Views: 878
Re: Can you replicate clickbank product sites?

I totally agree Rondo. Believe it or not - I still remember this after about 5 years - what happen was that I actually tested this when a good friend of mine went to my clickbank affiliate site and...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 3rd May 2010, 08:39 PM
Replies: 10
Views: 1,996
Re: PLR in Spanish, hot niches

You know what? - I never thought about that. Sometimes we marketers get so hung up on Marketing to the the customers that speak or understand english that we miss out on a HUGE market! Think of the...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 1st September 2009, 10:27 AM
Replies: 22
Views: 1,012
Re: I seriously just got serious.

One vital factor that helped me out a lot was the goal setting and time management. I never really ignored these factors, but in the past I did not take them as serious as I do now. You have to sit...
Forum: Warrior Forum News 1st September 2009, 09:34 AM
Replies: 846
Views: 1,789,266
Re: Warrior Forum Going Back To Paid Status

Well, I guess this means I need to get serious about not losing my password and forgetting what email I used so I won't have to start over again. lol.

I am ready to sign up. That's a good price...
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