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Forum: Search Engine Optimization 13th April 2014, 11:03 PM
Replies: 67
Views: 3,865
Posted By nettiapina
Re: Social Bookmarking is Still Alive or Dead? :(

Works to accomplish what? If you're after nofollow links from no to poor PR pages, I'm sure social bookmarking is good tool for you. It's a bit like social media without any of the benefits of social...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 29th December 2013, 01:29 AM
Replies: 65
Views: 8,925
Posted By harvie316
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 1st June 2013, 05:01 PM
Replies: 25
Views: 1,194
Posted By Mike Anthony
Re: I just got paid $300 to remove some content.. LOLWAT?

SO you sold content that did not belong to you? and you want to brag about being a crook on the forums for getting paid to remove content you should not have had on your site?

What deal? ...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 28th May 2013, 06:59 AM
Replies: 67
Views: 8,794
Posted By Horny Devil
Re: What Are Some Hobby Niches For Rich People?

Controlling the peasants.
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 21st January 2013, 11:50 AM
Replies: 66
Views: 2,911
Posted By Daniel Evans
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 4th October 2012, 10:49 PM
Replies: 84
Views: 33,985
Posted By Mark Singletary
Re: What are the best ways to promote click bank products?

Your blog mentions quite a few. Why not try them?

Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 3rd September 2012, 03:13 AM
Replies: 43
Views: 985
Posted By Horny Devil
Re: The "Secret Sauce" To Website Traffic?

There is. It's called Heinz Tomato Ketchup, and a liberal dollop can liven up just about anything :D

. . . . surely 'source' :rolleyes:
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 2nd September 2012, 10:42 AM
Replies: 41
Views: 1,126
Posted By mosthost
Re: Can blogging still make you money today?

You can make pennies every day!
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 7th July 2012, 04:34 PM
Replies: 72
Views: 4,898
Posted By Mike Anthony
Re: Finished Eating Barbecue? Get going with some simplePenguin linkbuilding - MA's 5,000 post give

You and I both know that there are a ton load of things you would NEVER EVER share in an Open forum. IF you shared your resources they would wreck it by trying to spam the sites, blast the owners...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 6th June 2012, 02:33 PM
Replies: 39
Views: 1,039
Posted By TheArticlePros
Re: What is the #1 question you would ask a Super Affiliate?

Would you please donate enough money to the Warrior Forum so that Allen will add the following functions:

Mandatory Search Button
Algorithm to keep people from posting questions starting with...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 4th June 2012, 10:18 AM
Replies: 116
Views: 3,841
Posted By cjreynolds
Re: How to shut the mouth of those people who says "YOU DON'T HAVE A DEGREE"?

Yup! And a PHD is like a BS, only Piled Higher and Deeper :D
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 3rd June 2012, 12:48 PM
Replies: 106
Views: 4,767
Posted By NicheDad
Re: OMFG! R u serious? I knew it! Now confirmed!

geez people. the staff member (who is really the only important voice in this thread) has already spoken. Why the forum fanboy circle jerk?

In case you were actually wondering (not pretending to...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 30th May 2012, 03:18 PM
Replies: 43
Views: 1,991
Posted By paulgl
Re: AskTheBuilder loses 70% traffic. Great interview mp3

Why do we feel the need to give this "genius yet" another
backlink?!?! Isn't one thread enough?

Hmmmm. Must be making money off that....genius!

Getting warriors to post links...genius!

Forum: Search Engine Optimization 29th May 2012, 01:20 PM
Replies: 20
Views: 1,381
Posted By MikeFriedman
Re: Google's Panda and Penguin Updates Explained In Layman's Terms

It was kind of like Church. No actual proof. Just some guy telling us all to eat our Christ Crackers and drink our wine and we will get to go to heaven.
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 20th May 2012, 03:35 AM
Replies: 7
Views: 548
Posted By sbucciarel
Re: Why Do People Sell Their Domains When...

Because they're most likely lying about the income.
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 15th May 2012, 04:46 PM
Replies: 372
Views: 12,550
Posted By wilsonm
Re: If you had to hire someone from wf for seo, who would it be and why?

I don't know what you mean by " don't know what your are talking about..." but the fact is the previous offering used serious spun crap which resulted in lots of sites tanking. In all honesty,...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 6th May 2012, 10:46 PM
Replies: 9
Views: 543
Posted By kindsvater
Re: Do I need to have an LLC first?

No - not generally when you are still the "sole" person running the business.

If you are a sole proprietor and do something illegal, then you get sued and your personal assets are at risk.

Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 26th April 2012, 07:58 PM
Replies: 38
Views: 1,161
Posted By tpw
Who Should You Trust In This Forum?

I just noticed that you have asked a question that is very important to the future of your business.

I am actually clueless and I don't know what I am talking about, but I want you to know that I...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 23rd April 2012, 11:03 AM
Replies: 69
Views: 3,122
Posted By DeadRooster
Re: Meet the Man Who Registered 14,962 Domains in 24 Hours

<<<-------- Meet the man who registered 40 WORTHLESS domain names. :)
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 8th April 2012, 07:01 AM
Replies: 24
Views: 646
Posted By JohnMcCabe
Re: Do You Really think IM Is Luck?

Read between the lines...

Here's what I'm reading:

"I found out about a way to exploit a loophole in the system, and I staked everything on it. Not only that, I set myself up as a guru, showing...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 5th April 2012, 09:12 AM
Replies: 43
Views: 3,057
Posted By Mike Anthony
Re: Buying expired high PR domains for blog netwok

For all that is holy please ignore this offer. The quickest way to get burned is to buy from a contact on a forum known by no one who has great "Deals" on high PR domains. Unfortunately people...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 23rd March 2012, 09:33 PM
Replies: 53
Views: 2,234
Posted By John Romaine
8:25 Avg. Time on Site - What I did

Hey guys,
Ive just recently made a few small changes on one of my sites and increased my average time on site from around 2 minutes to 8 minutes+ per visitor.

With such positive results, I...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 21st March 2012, 03:35 PM
Replies: 146
Views: 12,809
Posted By Mike Anthony
Re: High PR Society Busted

Warning long answer - lots to correct

and why would they receive such a notice if the links are in fact quite natural to the content? See this is where no offense but you guys get trapped in your...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 21st March 2012, 03:05 PM
Replies: 21
Views: 1,152
Posted By ryanman
1000th Post:The Easiest, Fastest Way To Get The Highest Possible Quality Content Ideas On Any Topic.

I was going to release this as my 1000th post but oh well...Better late than never. I will show you one of the best possible ways to easily get the best possible research content on this...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 4th March 2012, 11:26 AM
Replies: 29
Views: 942
Posted By JohnMcCabe
Re: Have You Had Success With A Pushbutton System?

Norm, the only push-button system I've ever had any consistent success getting money from is the ATM at my bank. And even that requires that I make more deposits than withdrawals...

;) :)
Forum: Copywriting 5th February 2011, 03:35 AM
Replies: 23
Views: 915
Posted By BrianMcLeod
Re: When do I bring in the pros?
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 11th January 2011, 10:14 PM
Replies: 18
Views: 1,954
Posted By Kezz
Re: Hands down best place to get FREE images & Audio

I hate to rain on your parade mate, but the bottom line is that quality photography and music creation takes a lot of talent, expertise, time and expense so there's really no way of getting loads of...
Forum: Off Topic Forum 6th January 2011, 12:50 PM
Replies: 26
Views: 745
Posted By Dan C. Rinnert
Re: CRAZIEST Way I Ever Heard of To Get A Client

To me, it sounds like he was thinking inside the box...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 4th January 2011, 02:41 PM
Replies: 15
Views: 1,005
Posted By zerofill
Re: How accurate is Yahoo backlinks?

Yahoo is so far from accurate... that the word accurate should not even be used in the same sentence as site explorer.

The big problem that a lot of people have that I see all the time is...
Forum: Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum 17th December 2010, 11:03 AM
Replies: 16
Views: 685
Posted By myob
Re: Would I Be Crazy To Make My Own Weight Loss/Fitness Click Bank Product?

This is a huge market and there is lots of room for more. I have done quite well in several highly competitive markets by segmentation. For example, you could target weight loss for busy moms, weight...
Forum: Offline Marketing 30th November 2010, 03:36 PM
Replies: 92
Views: 6,395
Posted By Brenden Clerget
SUREFIRE Way To Land A Local Client for a $1,000 Check As Soon As TOMORROW - Bonus Download Too...

I'm going to share with everybody a really simple and effective way to land local clients. It deals with website re-design, but there are opportunities to sell them ANY UPSELL you currently offer at...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 24th November 2010, 02:03 PM
Replies: 35
Views: 1,214
Posted By Defunct
Re: Google employee going to talk at last?

They do sign an agreement and Google employees can and can't say many things.

I've met a semi-high up Google employee in charge of our entire countries AdWords agencies and there really is only so...
Forum: Offline Marketing 17th November 2010, 08:34 PM
Replies: 72
Views: 5,466
Posted By PaulintheSticks
Re: How much do you charge for SEO service for local business?

Have you ever seen a plumber's invoice for dislodging debris from a drain pipe? It goes something like this:

Service call: $50
Hitting pipe with hammer: $5
Knowing where to hit pipe with...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 11th March 2010, 10:12 AM
Replies: 24
Views: 565
Posted By Mike Anthony
Re: Page PR vs. Domain PR?

Don I am tuckered out arguing about mainline ideas on ths board. As I found in the Vbulletin flame thread you at least subscribe to most mainline ideas unlike a whole lot of people claiming to...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 23rd February 2010, 12:00 AM
Replies: 26
Views: 1,043
Posted By TiffanyB
Re: How to Check What Keywords a Site Ranks for

I posted this site earlier, but maybe you did not see.
Keywords Database - (

Simply copy and paste the url that you want to check into the website field and...
Forum: Ad Networks (CPM/CPL, Display) 16th February 2010, 05:45 PM
Replies: 3
Views: 641
Posted By PPV Guru
Re: CPA by the Numbers?

When I started affiliate marketing, I lost a couple hundred in the process. That scared me away for a while. But, when I found out about CPA and CPL stuff, it really only took me about $20 to convert...
Forum: Search Engine Optimization 21st October 2008, 05:32 PM
Replies: 56
Views: 3,996
Posted By LABuroker
Tip Six Figures from Adsense -- What I've Learned

Hi all,

I see a lot of myths about Adsense (how you have to have huge traffic to make money from it, how it's only worth using in addition to something else, etc.), so I figured I'd make a list of...
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