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Dear Warriors,
My name is Nrupen and I am currently experimenting with video marketing. As a part of this experiment I am offering a full course on "Writing Emails That Not Only Builds Relationship But Also generates Sales" to my subscribers. (You don't need to subscribe to watch videos)

Full course will be available on YouTube as series of weekly videos. They do have some promotional content since these are same videos that I send my subscribers and post on my blog.

The video course will keep no holds barred and disclose absolutely everything I know about writing responsive emails. I'll also cover applications based on type marketing campaign.

I apologize for bad quality of videos, I just bought new video editing tool to help me create videos with visual effects and for sure I am messing up. In case I fail to get my hands on it I'll revert back to traditional slideshow videos.

Few of them are ready and I would like to have your opinion on it. More will be added sooner.

All videos have subtitles as solution to different country accent problem.

In case you like the information then don't forget to comment and share, it'll help me create better content for next time.

Current List Of Videos :
1. Some Basics
2. 6 Questions Your Email Should Answer
3. 7 Stupid Simple Ways To Write Good Subject Line
4. 3 Secrets Of Persuasive Email Body
5. 5 Mistakes To Avoid While Writing Emails
6. 7 Easy Ways To Open An Email (Newly Added)

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