[WAMA] Armand Morin - From $0 - Over $100 Million Dollars - Let Me Help You! March 12th 6pm EST

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Hi, my name is Armand Morin and I'll be doing a WAMA in just a few days and I'm ready for anything you have to ask regarding marketing your business online and offline.

Some of the ideas you might consider...

- Running a membership site... I have the longest running Internet Marketing membership site online and I can show you exactly how to do it successfully.

- Conversion Strategies - We focus everything on conversion. Opinions don't matter conversions do.

- Optin Page Strategies - We do huge amounts of optin pages and we do it differently than any other marketer online. We do most things opposite.

- Webinars - I've taught the majority of the most successful internet marketers how to close. In fact, we've done as much as a MILLION DOLLARS in sales in less than 90 minutes. I can show you how to get more sales from your webinars.

- When To Use Free and When To Not To - We use free strategies all the time, but if we are trying to get the sales... free is not how you want to do it... I can explain exactly why you're probably losing sales right now.

- Offline Strategies - I have clients doing millions of dollars online, but I also have a considerable number of clients offline. Marketing offline is just a matter of twisting a few basic key ideas.

Literally anything you want to ask. Unlike a lot of people, I personally write my own copy, design my own websites even program my own plugins and software, so from the marketing the technical I can save you years of trial and error in just minutes.

I look forward to answering your questions.

Best of Success,

Armand Morin
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    We're really excited to be having our Warrior TV - Warrior Ask Me Anything event with Internet marketing legend Armand Morin.

    The event is now available in the War Room.

    Transcript of the WAMA Event with Armand Morin:

    Welcome to Warrior T.V. This is Warrior Ask Me Anything where we bring to you the world’s best internet marketers and online entrepreneurs.
    I’m Alaister Low.

    James: And I’m James Copper-Stanbury. This week we have a great all round internet marketer, Armand Morin who we are very proud to have on the show.

    Alaister: So Armand is one of the most well known internet marketers in the world, and over the years has amassed over 100 million dollars in revenue from his personal businesses. He is a specialist in conversion rate optimization, list building, building effective sales funnels and running membership sites.


    Armand: Thank you very much for having me, I look forward to it. I think we are going to have a lot of fun.


    James: We love to ask our guests straight up on the show, what do you do every day, what are you main day to day things, and how did you get to where you are today?


    Armand: That’s a big question. My day to day is probably a little bit different than a lot of people. My day typically starts around noon and the reason is because I don’t get up until about noon. And the reason is because I work from twelve to maybe 6:00pm and then I will take a break and then I will spend some time with my family. And then about 10:00pm I’ll come back and I’ll work from about 10:00pm to 5:00am or maybe 6:00am.

    Now that is by choice, let me just tell you that right now. It is by choice because that is the way I like t o work because at night a lot of people don’t bother me, let’s put it that way. So I get a lot more done during the evening time and I am just not a morning person.

    Now as far as how I got here, it is kind of a long story but I started online where the internet was just barely there, 1996. So if you think about 1996, that time, there was yahoo and that was it, there really wasn’t anything else online. Yahoo, I think Alta Vista might have been there back then, AOL was there, CompuServe. CompuServe when I got online you still had to actually type in to a message board, so it was really kind of weird back then, but in 1996 it was just an idea. People had an idea. When I jumped online I immediately had an intention to actually sell products online. I just sold a company, my first company that I had, and I had nothing to do with my time. So I heard about this internet, jumped on and what happened was I found that you could sell products, you could sell information more importantly.

    My biggest key piece here is that I collected bookmarks. I was a notorious collector of everything that you could possibly imagine. If it was free I bookmarked it. If it was crazy, like free calendars, “Oh that sounds cool I’ll take that.” Free internet access, free this, free that.

    And what happened was I had this idea one day, I said maybe other people would want to buy my bookmarks. So I created a very crude, today we call them membership sites, but my sales letter had two paragraphs, it said the problem and the solution and then it had a button for people to buy. And I charged $110 for people to access my bookmarks. Now again this was 1996, just keep that in mind.

    So I will just come out and say it, I spammed AOL, pretty much everyone on AOL, business boards and forums, and the first day got 100 sales. So I’m like, oh my gosh 100 sales at $110 a pop, I mean this is awesome, it is the most money I’ve ever made especially in a short period of time. All of a sudden at the end of the first week I had 1000 sales. So I gained over $100,000 in just seven days. At the end of twelve weeks, over 35,000 sales, ended up doing $4.2 million dollars on the internet and just selling my bookmarks that didn’t cost me a single dime.

    But then I had this very big horror story and that is I got a phone call from my merchant account company and they said, “Mr. Morin you process too much money so we are going to take your merchant account away so you can’t process credit cards. Oh and by the way we went into your bank account and took out $2 million dollars too.” And they held it for another 6 months.

    Now it sounds bad, and it was bad, and I was a little upset as you can probably imagine, but at the same time what happened is it started the next phase for me. Now I had just seen 4 million dollars go through my hands. Half of it I paid to affiliates; the other half they took. So now I’m back to zero. I have no money anymore. I had a couple of bucks but not a lot. But now I had a situation, the situation was I needed to process credit cards on the internet. And so I did a lot of research and at that point I took the information and put it into an eBook. An eBook back then was a whole lot different to an eBook today. An eBook back then was basically an html page and not just one page but multiple pages. So you had to actually know how to create pages or websites in html to create the eBook, so it was kind of difficult. But in order to create the eBook I needed software to do it. I had this brilliant idea way back then and that was why not not only make the eBook but why not create the software because all the software that existed well sucked.

    So I spent $5,000 with a Czechoslovakian company, they made me the software and that was my first software product ever created called eBook generator which oddly enough we just shut down about two years ago. But throughout that time that one product made, well over 1 million plus dollars, selling at $47, then up to $97 and then I created a whole series of software after that. We had a whole generated line of software. We created the first e-cover graphics software that existed. We created one of the most popular pop up software’s that ever existed. We created a header generated product. And you can see all these whole lines were generated, there was a sales letter generator, there was a pop over generator, there was a pop up blocker, there were all kinds of different software that we created over the years and that is what we did. And we eventually started teaching other people not only about creating your own software, but eventually we started teaching them how we marketed our software.

    And that is what we primarily do today. We actually still make software today which is really kind of cool. We have webinar software and a few other things that we sell, and still even sales letter software today. And today we are selling more online software like Wordpress plugins things of that nature. But a lot of our business now is teaching other people exactly what we did to drive traffic, to do the things that we did. And over the course of time as you guys have mentioned, I always tell everyone I have done over 100 million dollars online. The truth is I stopped counting about five years ago or so. And it is probably closer to 200 million at this point, but again, I have no idea.


    Alaister: Your story is extremely fascinating and there is a lot in there. So you basically, after you sold your first company in 1996 you went online and you thought hey this internet is a serious thing and I want to build a business out of it. And amazingly within a week you started making sales, you started actually getting customers.

    A lot of people and a lot of warriors I know, they have been online for a long time, they are struggling, they are trying to get affiliates to promote their product and you managed to achieve this really quickly and it seems as if it was relatively easy.

    What do you think is missing in a lot of people’s strategies when they are first starting out, not being able to maybe build product or not being able to actually attract the affiliates to promote their product?


    Armand: Yeah you bring up a really good point and my philosophy is probably a lot different than other people on that aspect. First of all I think the shortest period of time to get your product out to market is the best way to do it.

    So as an example one of the quickest ways that I think anyone can make a product is to do an interview, whether you are interviewing someone else or someone is interviewing you. And the reason why I say that is because you get on something like freeconferencecalling.com, get the other person on the other end of the phone, again no matter which way it is going, you can record it for free, turn it into a mp3, you can get someone to transcribe it. If you don’t have any money you can transcribe it yourself, and now you have got your product. Your product is now done in about forty five minutes to an hour. If you want to transcribe it and put it into a pdf it is pretty much done at that point.

    So I think what is happening is a lot of people get this confusion in their mind. They see software and product launches, and they see these, “If I can’t make a million dollars then I’m not going to do it. If I can’t make a million dollars in a day I’m not going to do it.” So they are comparing themselves to people that have been established for a long period of time. That is one of the mistakes I think many people make because they are setting their goals way too high.

    The second piece is they are depending, and one of the things you said a couple of times was how to get affiliates to market the product. Well I look at this way, you have to be able to market the product you sell meaning if you could never ask anyone to promote your product ever, how would you promote that product? That is the question you need to answer.

    And if you can do that, any affiliate sales that you may get is just extra. That is just a bonus. But your day to day operations, like Apple, does Apple go and get a bunch of JB partners to launch the next iPhone? Not really. So I look at that aspect and that is where I said 99.9% of the sales have to come from me and therefore I have got to figure out a way to market this, and that is very simply an equation that is, if I don’t have the traffic I need to figure out how to get the traffic. I need to learn how to market on Facebook. I need to know how to advertize on Google Adwords if that is an option for me. I need to figure out where is the best place in order for me to get targeted traffic to my particular product?

    And I think once you start thinking in that direction it is now just about advertizing. And I am probably one of the biggest promoters of paid advertizing; I love paid advertizing because it is predictable once you actually start doing it.

    Does that make sense?

    So I think it is time-to-market, it is from idea to fruition, the shortest time period that you actually want to do which again depending on what type of product you want to do, could be a PowerPoint product, could be an interview product, could be something very simple. But that is the one piece. Then the second thing is, okay well what do I need to do in order to get it out there the fastest, whether it be a sales letter, a sales letter video possibly, that could be the easiest way for me, for most people. And then the other side is once we have it up there how do we market it? And that is something simple that we have just got to look for.

    And one of the easiest things that you could do is I think one of the most underutilized aspects of marketing, that is guest blog posts. I think going to people that have the traffic that you want, offering them specific articles on a topic that you know that their readers are going to want because a blog post never goes away. No one goes in and deletes their blog post even if they suck they still don’t delete their blog post it is there forever. And people are always looking for new content if it is good.

    And then the other side of that is that those same people may be running adsense ads, their blogs, and so if you offer them $10, $15 for the whole month, they will be more than happy to put your banner on the site, 24/7 for the whole month, and that is really cheap advertizing as well.


    James: We have got a lot of questions that have been coming in and have been preregistered for this event, so I guess we would like to go through some now.

    Farrah here is asking, “What opt in strategies do you use for your subscription sites and stuff like this?”


    Armand: It is a wide question but let me try to answer as best I can, because it is like, which one? I don’t know about which one. My opt-in pages look like this though. We typically will have a video on the left and an opt-in box on the right. That is how our page technically looks. Very simple, very easy, about a 30 second to one minute opt in video sell. And what we are doing is we are going for only one thing. We are going for the curiosity aspect. And let me explain why.

    What a lot of people have, and years ago when opt in pages were first created what the idea was that you bribe people. Give me your name and email address and I’ll give you this mp3. Give me your name and email address and I’ll give you this video or pdf or whatever it may be. And that is a great idea but it is not the idea you should use all the time.

    And the reason I say this is that many people will take that particular strategy, put it on their website in front of a sales letter and then wonder why people don’t buy. And the reason why people don’t buy is because they have a piece of you already. Because now they are going to say, “If I look at this report if that is good, then I’ll come back.” And no one ever comes back. That is the excuse. I mean ask any sales person anywhere. When a person says, “You’re a good salesperson” or if they say, “I’m going to come back and I’m going to talk to my wife or husband” They are not buying, that is the reality of it.

    So what we do is instead we change the scenario. Instead of getting a person to give us their name and email address because of a bribe that we are going to give away, and again this is specifically in front of a sales letter, what we do is we create curiosity. For example, “Hi my name is Armand Morin and I have got this amazing product that is going to do this, this, this and this. And the best part is you are going to learn all the details about it on the very next page. And all you have to do is fill in your first name, your primary email address, click the submit button and on the next page I am going to give you all the details. So don’t wait go ahead, do it right now, and I will see you on the very next page.”

    That is it right. You told them three or four things you were going to do. You told them where they are going to get the rest of the details is on the very next page. And the only reason they are going to give you their name and email address is because the next page is going to get the content that they want to hear about, this revolutionary new product. So it is curiosity. So the only reason they are going to give you their name and email address is because they actually want to buy what you have. And somehow if they don’t buy at this point, it is your fault because you screwed up. When you think about it that way.

    So the way we do it is in that fashion, is we look at it, why is a person doing it, what is the context as far as why is a person giving us their name and email address and that is going to make a lot of sense.

    But there is another strategy. What we learned and what I figured out was there are those moments that I think everyone has where you want to kick yourself. You just want to smack yourself upside the head because you are sitting there going, “I’m an idiot, why am I doing this?”

    And for me it happened about four or five years ago when I was sitting there and I’m going, you know I only have this one opt-in page. How do I make this one opt-in page fit for all these different scenarios? I might have one opt-in page but I might have 30, 40, 50 different reasons as to why a person might want my product, and I only have x amount of time to talk to them on this opt in page. So how do I make this more direct?

    And the answer was blatantly simple and that was why don’t we create another opt in page? Why don’t we create more?

    So what has happened in our marketing is that we have been conditioned that from here, here is our opt-in page, which directly goes to the sales letter which directly goes to the up sell page, which directly goes to the order page, which directly goes to the down sell page, after they purchase. And that is fine. What happens over here is that if we can talk to them, rather than at them, what is going to happen is we can now have a scenario where we are going to get an increased conversion because now we are talking directly to them. We are going to have a much higher impact as far as the conversion rate, not only on the opt in but the actual sales letter as well too.

    And what we are really doing is we are free framing these people. So let me give you an example. If I send you an email and I say, “Hey I got this product, I just purchased it. It kind of sucked, didn’t do anything it claimed it was going to do and I hate it, but you might like it. Here is the link, get it if you want.”

    Or you received the second email from me that says, “Oh my god this is the most amazing thing. Drop whatever you are doing right now, go ahead, buy this product.”

    All of a sudden the framing is different going there, so the conversions are going to be different.

    So what is happening over here is when we are doing the strategy, I call it the 30x strategy and the reason is because I believe that every market and every product has at least three reasons why a person might want to buy that particular product. And if you think hard about it, I mean it can be something easy. If we take the idea of dieting as an example it could, just for women it might be women that had a baby women that want to look good in a bikini. Women that are getting married. Women that just got a divorce. Women that want to feel better about themselves, and maybe it is a self esteem issue. So we can continue on, and that is just women.

    And then you have the men’s side. So we could easily create 15, 20, 30, 40, 50 opt in pages just from that alone, which also btw means that if we were getting – let’s just use some really easy number, 100 opt ins, let’s just say for the whole month okay. If we had 100 opt-ins for the whole month before, now all of a sudden with 30 opt in pages we are getting 3,000 if everything is equal, again in a perfect world. If we were getting x number of dollars before, then multiply that times 30x and all of a sudden we are getting 30x the amount of income we were getting before.

    If we were only having one ad campaign running before, now we have the ability to have 30 ad campaigns running because now we have different keywords that we can focus in on. And so it sounds like the most simple crazy ridiculous strategy, but at the same time it is one of the ones that makes the most sense, and the only thing it really takes is just a little bit of extra time to do it. So I think it is just a great strategy.

    When you really, for everyone that is watching this, if they sit back and they realize really what I just said, they would be like, “Oh my gosh”. I mean it is amazing but it is so simple.


    Alaister: Yeah I think that strategy is so powerful, just being able to create curiosity behind an opt-in and I know a lot of the times you now specifically are using a lot of video sales letters rather than traditional sales letters. And I mean you sell amazingly from video and on stage and everything. What are some strategies people can use to improve their ability to be able to sell, persuade people in person on stage, or maybe in a video and why do you employ that and how do you see it working better than the old traditional sales pages?


    Armand: You bring up a really good point, that with video in itself, you are selling more of you. And that is the hard part I think for a lot of people is that right now, people are looking and watching this and they are seeing you guys sitting there and they are seeing me, and it seems quite natural, just us having a conversation. But for some reason for some people, the moment you turn on a camera, they get really robotic. “My name is Armand Morin and I am an internet marketer and you need...” you know it is just strange.

    So the first thing and I think the best piece of advice I can give anyone is remember you are talking to a camera, you are having a conversation. And I think the easiest way for most people to get over that ability is to imagine that you are talking to a friend first of all, that you are just having a conversation to a friend on the other side of the table. So that is the first thing. If you can just have that general conversation, you don’t have to have that radio voice that a lot of people think. (Deep voice). “Hi my name is Armand Morin and thank you so much.” That just doesn’t fly very well and it is also very hard to do.

    So the other part is think about the process, what is happening in each part of the sequence. So as an example, I almost always start out with a question you know and I will introduce myself. I will say, “Hi my name is Armand Morin, let me ask you a question.” And then I get right to the point.

    What is happening now and here is the biggest change of the last three to four years with the video sales letter. And this happened to me because I was sick a few years ago and I was at a seminar in London. And I was just drop dead sick and I went to the event, and all of a sudden I realized that my presentations were not appropriate for this event. What I was going to talk about was not going to work in any way shape or form.

    So I went back to the hotel, I’m sick, and I’m going through this I’m rewriting this. Let me just get through this as quickly as possible. And so I start off with just a simple question. Instead of going through this whole big thing of “Hi my name is Armand Morin, I’ve been online since 1996, I’ve made a bunch of money and you haven’t and here is my big house” and all these other things, it’s like blah, blah, blah, blah, I just wasted 15, 20 minutes of my presentation. But yet think of how many videos have you seen that go onto this whole personal story angle about here is who I am, and I went from rags to riches, and everything else.

    What I came to one day, and it was the hardest break to my ego and that is, people don’t care. They don’t care about you, they don’t care about what you’ve done, they only care what are you going to do for me?

    So I always start off with a question and I literally say that, “Let me ask you a question.” Almost all my videos start the exact same way and I say, “How would you like to be able to do this, blah blah blah” whatever it may be, “Get 100,000 visitors to your website in the next three days.” Or, “Speak more effectively from the stage and close more sales.” And it is just a really simple question. And at that moment it is making or asking people to really raise your hand. I am either in what that question or response is, or I’m not, so it is yes or no. And I think that is what internet marketing really is all about though is getting to that yes or no.

    So you start off with a question to grab their curiosity and then the next piece is really about just presenting your product in a way that is going to make them want to do it.

    So what I do is I explain to them here is the problem, and it is just like a normal sales letter, here is the problem, here is salt on the wound to make it worse, here is what you are missing because of this problem, here is the solution and here is how easy it is to do it.

    Now the funny part is, I don’t, in my video sales letters, I don’t talk about testimonials ever because many times the testimonial will kind of drag you down because if you are trying to change voice, either by reading a testimonial or inserting a testimonial, it changes the pace too much so I typically won’t do a testimonial, I will just kind of present this is what it is, this is what it does, this is how you can get it and here is the offer that I’m making today.

    But the question they are going to have in their mind is really simple at the end. Number one, how much does it hurt if I don’t buy this today? Number two, can I get this somewhere else and really the third question would be why do I need to buy this today? And specifically from you.


    James: Daniel has a question here, he is asking, “What conversion and AB testing tools have you used or do you use to define your sort of method?”


    Armand: Yeah I mean I’m one of these people that like to keep it really simple. I just use Google experiments inside of Google Analytics. I think it is the easiest one, I think it is the quickest one that you can put through and that is not to say at certain times I don’t split test with other tools. Sometimes I might test the links that I send out, using either link tracker or click meter or something like that and I might test my ads utilizing those tools as well too, possibly, especially Facebook because there is not really a good way to do it. But those are pretty much the only tools I use. I don’t really get into a lot of the big fancy tools because I don’t think they are necessary. I like to keep it really, really simple.


    Alaister: Yeah we use a lot of those tools as well; I mean we just like to keep it simple as well. And at the end of the day the tool is not what is defining the success, it is really more about what you are actually trying to test and get the results from.

    So I just want to back track a little bit and just go back to when you were talking about creating those multiple different opt in pages for different pain points. I find that really interesting and you are able to really scale up your campaigns and leverage the different points. So whether it be people looking to diet because they want to get a bikini body. Or maybe after having a baby or something. What I love about that, is you are able to sort of contextually create content for that specific user group and then be able to advertize to that group. Do you find that you are able to increase conversions that way from each specific sales page? I mean we spoke to Perry Marshall a few weeks ago and he talked about the 80/20 marketing, concentrating on a small group of people. I suppose this way allows you to leverage that 80:20 across lots of different groups of people and really kind of get benefit from that.


    Armand: Yes what happens is when you are going through this process as you pick a certain market, a certain subset of that group of people, let’s just say, people who want dieting and then specifically women who want to lose weight because they just had a baby. You are now talking directly to them so what is interesting about this concept is that the sales letter never changes, so the sales letter is always going to be the same.

    The only thing different is the way that they actually get to the sales letter. And the key to making the sales letter work and this is where it is really interesting, is that you have this opt-in page for a specific idea. The person comes through here, they think okay oh yes I’m a woman I want to lose weight, and here is the sales letter, and then all of a sudden if you would have asked them after the fact what that sales letter was about, they would have told you, “Oh it is for women who want to lose weight because they just had a baby.” Because it is that free framing idea. And that is what is kind of really neat about this is that all you have to do really on the sales letter to make this work is at least mention it in one of your bullet points, each one of these pieces. And all of a sudden it is just going to work the whole time. And that is what I really like .So again, yes you are going to increase the conversions on the opt-ins and you are going to definitely increase the conversions on the sales page.

    And also what you have to understand is that I think a lot of times it is that angle. It is that idea. So let me give you an idea. We are doing a promotion right now, it is happening literally as we are talking right now. I came up with this idea, we were running a bunch of traffic and this product wasn’t selling. It happens to be a diet product that I’m teaming up with someone else with.

    So what happened was I said, okay this is weird. It is a little bit higher priced product, a $97 product, so I said let’s do something totally different. Let’s tell them right up front that it is $97. So in the ad it says, “Only $97 to lose weight.” Then it tells them, “Hey is it worth $97 to lose all the weight that you want?”

    Then they come to an opt-in page. “Let’s face it, the reason why you are here is that you want to lose weight, and there is good news and there is bad news. The good news is we are going to be able to show you how to do it. The bad news is it is not free, it is worth $97. And if it is not worth $97 to you, leave.” Literally I Say, “Just leave.” So now all of a sudden the person goes through this very short opt in.

    Again I told them it is $97 which is a no-no on there and I tell them again it is $97 on the opt-in page, and then if they finally get through to the opt-in page, then they see the sales letter and of course it is $97. Now the more I am thinking about that, because I am actually getting ready to do a…we just started this three days ago okay, but as I am thinking about it, I should reduce the price on the sales letter. I should reduce it down to $47. And the reason why is because they have been pitched $97, and all of a sudden you can get it for $47 today; it is that contrast that is going to make them want to purchase. So I just improved the strategy, live right in front of you.


    The question I was going to ask right after that was do you actually create customized funnels based on the different opt in pages? But you made it very clear that you sort of have this one sales page where you send everyone. And that makes a lot of sense where it is funny that you sort of condition people’s brain to think; hey this product solves this problem. And that is all they see. So yeah that is fascinating.


    Armand: Yeah because I think if I told you that you had to make 30 opt in pages, first of all people’s face goes, “Thirty? I can barely create one.” When we make our opt in pages we use plugins that we have inside of Word Press right, so in reality all you are doing in Word Press is, if it is a post a page or even a [30:12 _] that you may have, you install another plugin called Duplicate Post. And so you click a button that says, “Duplicate this one.” And you do it 30 times and you log in and many times what you do is just change the headline on the page. And the opt-in video many times is still the same opt in video too. That is the trick, is to make it generic enough that it actually works.


    James: So what you have done here is you have created all these funnels that essentially come down to the same funnel. Have you found that any point in the funnel is more worth optimizing than others? Would you always focus your optimizations on the sales letter or do you also go back and optimize those first landing pages?


    Armand: Good point. I think there is four pieces really that you need to look at. Most people in internet marketing focus on one or two pieces, maybe three, but they never typically do all four. So for example the first piece would be the opt-in page itself. So if we look at it, there is the opt in page, the sales letter, the up sell page, and then what I call the down sell page, meaning after they purchased let’s make an offer there.

    Now the problem that I see with many marketers today is you get caught in what I would call up sell hell. Which means, “And would you like to buy this product?” And no. “Would you like to buy…?”

    I mean imagine if you went to a place like Wal-Mart and you went in to buy maybe a notebook, okay. So you go in to buy a notebook and you give the person your credit card, you are checking out and before they hand you - now again remember they have got your credit card now at this point right? So all of a sudden at this point they are like, “And would you like to get a pen with that?”

    And you are like, “No that is okay I just want to go.”

    “But, would you like to get a pencil with that?”

    You’re like, “No I think I’m all set.”

    “Have you ever thought about another notebook with this?”

    You’re like, “No.”

    “Have you ever thought about getting this class that we have about showing you how to use the notebook?”

    “No I’m fine.”

    How many times would you go back to Wal-Mart? You wouldn’t. But for some reason I think a lot of people, and I know it is not quite as bad as that, depending on how it is presented, but sometimes it actually feels like that.

    So to answer your question though, is that there are several different pieces here. We have the opt-in page. We can quickly tell just by our numbers is the opt-in pages working or not because just by the fact of how many people opted in. We shoot for between a 40 and 50% opt in rate, that is what we are shooting for. That is ideally where we want to be. And also that number varies. And I think a lot of people don’t understand the variance of what can happen.

    For example depending on where you advertize can be where one place might be a 20% opt in rate might be acceptable and another place might be a 40 or 50% opt in rate is barely acceptable. So you have to understand where those numbers are. But we shoot for in general a 40 50% opt in rate.

    Then what we are doing is we are looking at the sales letter itself. And ideally we should be able to track the number of people that click the button to buy the sales letter. If we can click the number of clicks that actually go to the order page, then we can tell if our sales letter is doing well or not.

    Now the only true number honestly is the number of people that purchased because there is a high percentage of people that will go to the order page and just not complete the order. And that is alright, that just happens.

    Then we have the numbers though on the up sell. If you suck, it is going to be 10%. But on average some are going to be 10 to 30% of the people are going to purchase something else from you if presented in the right way.

    And then on the down sell side we are looking at about a 10% conversion on that down sell side.

    So when I look at those numbers, I can see which part do we focus on? I can see based upon the numbers that I am getting at each point, where my attention should go. What should happen and what I need to work on the most, whether it be the sales letter, the opt-in page, the up sell or another piece of that puzzle.


    James: You mentioned earlier you love to focus on paid marketing. What sort of channels do you use and which ones have you found to be the most successful?


    Armand: Yeah it really depends upon what product it is that you are marketing. As an example I find that the best traffic many times is the traffic that I can’t advertize in. Meaning the cheapest traffic is like, I wish I had a product that could market there because it is awesome, but none of my products qualify. As an example if you go to advertizing.com or advertize.com we can run ads on CNN and ESPN and all these major magazines and it is cheap, we are talking 25 cents, 30 cents, 40 cents a click which is amazing, it is absolutely amazing there, but it will only work if you have a mass market product. So if you have a product on, “Here is how to make a Kindle book” it is probably not going to work over there unless you spin it. As an example you might say, “New way to make money from home, partner with Amazon.” So if you turn that into a biz op, maybe. But that would be one place there.

    I think one of the things many people did and I think it is a mistake, that happened several years ago is that when Google started coming down hard on marketers, all the marketers basically said, “Screw you. I’m going somewhere else.” And the problem is where are you going to go? Are you going to go to Bing? Are you going to go to Facebook? And every new place that comes out, oh forget that, go to this. And we see the ads and everything.

    But I think what you have to do is, from a realistic point of view is first of all make up with Google. Go with your tail between your legs. It is not the easiest thing to do, but get your Google account back if you have lost it. Get a new one, whatever you need to do. There are multiple ways to do that, but get that back because that is the greatest traffic in the world that you could possibly get and it is the most targeted traffic. And it is like saying, “Let’s ignore 60% of the web.” You can’t do that.

    So that’s the first thing. Facebook, Facebook can work. I’m a huge fan of Facebook and the reason is because you can raid people. And what I mean by raid people is I truly mean you can raid people. So for example I can go to Matt Bacak and I can say, I only want to advertize all of my products to Matt Bacak’s people. So, now Matt yeah he is a friend of mine, we know each other and everything else and I know he advertizes underneath my name, but I know his people and what their conditions are, what they are looking for, what they are buying from him. And I know that type of person would probably be very interested in what I have.

    So it’s like an instant list, and I think for many people it should be attractive to them to want to be able to do that.

    So on Facebook I don’t use a generic term like marketing or internet marketing or anything like that. I will go with specific company names, and many times it is people’s names, competitors, but I always shoot for the competitors first. And the reason is for me that is the low hanging fruit. And that is where you are going to get your highest conversion because you can absolutely predict what type of person that individual is, does that make sense?

    So if you think about Facebook, Bing, Bing is really easy you can do anything you want on Bing and it is awesome but you just have to figure out their mechanism because it is not always…sometimes it is like it is awesome because you get like one cent clicks and then other times they don’t give me anything, they don’t give me any kind of visitors and there is no rhyme and reason. It is just not as clear. I think it is going to be better as time goes on but on Bing you can advertize on Yahoo as well and that is what makes it very attractive.

    I like the search engines and the reason I like search engines is, it is the how it is the context of what people are doing .So for example in Facebook we can get, the ad I am running right now, we are getting a 4 to 5 % click through rate. Now that is not normal for me, normal for me is 0.1, 0.5% and those are my great campaigns. But on the search engine 2%, 3% 5% even 10% is very standard, but they are also looking very specifically to solve a problem on the search engine. That is the reason I like it. As opposed to Facebook, I went there to socialize, I went there to talk to friends, I went there for another reason and just happened to see this ad.

    So I like the search engine aspect a whole lot more, so any of the other companies like Seven Search and anywhere that can get my ads into a search engine type of format, those are the place I want to advertize the most.


    Alaister: Yeah. Okay great. I have got a question here from Frank and you mentioned all of this amazing work that you do, so all these Facebook ads that you do, Google advertizing, the creation of opt in pages and everything .He says, “I’ve seen you on stage and you are amazing. And you mentioned that you have a very small team of six people.” I don’t know if it is still six people now.

    Armand: It is.

    Alaister: But basically his question is, how do you manage such a small group of people to get so much done, and how does it actually work on a day to day basis?


    Armand: Right, that is a good question. It is true we have six people. I have never had a huge team; I never felt the need. I think that, I don’t understand, I have a hard time. I know a lot of friends of mine have these big teams of people and I’m like, I don’t get…what do they do all day? I just don’t understand it. So I just never got it.

    So what we do, let me break it down for you. We have six people working for us, that is including me, so that means me and five other people. So there is my wife who actually handles the back end, the finances and some customer service. Then we have another person Chris, she does primarily customer service as well. So between her, my wife and Jim who is another person who does primarily customer service as well; three customer service people. We only get ten, fifteen customer service questions a day. And we do our best to not get customer service questions and that is why we can keep our customer service very very low as far as minimal that way.

    But now every person also does other things. So Chris may do customer service, yes, but she goes into our membership sites and she is the one that maybe posts updates and content inside of there. Or notifies them of what is coming up this week in that particular membership site. And Jim does different things working on different project for us. So that is those people.

    Then we have George who is my operations manager, he kind of oversees everything and makes sure that everything gets done. And then we have Frank who is more of the technical aspect. So between Frank and myself, we will do the technical pieces, the websites, the programming if anything like that.

    Now what happens is I have structured this so all of these people kind of support me. And let me kind of give you guys an idea. To this day I do my own copy writing. I actually edit my own video, that is just because I do it good, so I edit my own video. I do my own graphics for my website. I create my own website. I write my own plugins now in the products that we actually sell and I do a lot of it myself. And I manage my own advertizing, I don’t outsource that. So if I am telling about an advertizing strategy I can tell you this is exactly what I did, because I am the guy that did it.

    So for me it is quicker for me to do the website than it is for me to tell someone else to do it.

    And the question I always have and people will ask me, "Is this the best use of your time?" And you know it is probably debatable. And the question is am I the best person qualified to do that job?

    And if the answer is yes, then yeah it is the best use of my time.

    And so I can do it faster than the time it takes me to explain to someone else what I want, I could have had it done already. Or to write a power point presentation, I can do in typically 15 minutes. I can make a website in less than an hour. So for me many times to go from idea just like we were talking about in the beginning, from idea to fruition, within the fastest we have ever done it is less than 60 minutes. From idea to create the product, to put up the website and get it out the door and actually start marketing in 60 minutes. And that is tough to do.

    Now we did it live on stage not too long ago where we created a product in an hour and a half. We picked the topic out of the blue, the audience did. Then we recorded the product, I took the video and we edited the product in front of everyone to show everyone how I did it. I have then recorded a sales page for it and put that up and put it online and connected it to an auto responder and to a payment processor and we did the whole thing even with all of that, it was less than four hours and that was me explaining every piece of the process.

    So with our team because of the way it is structured, it makes it very easy for us to do these things and it is really not that difficult. Are there times where I would like someone else to do some of the stuff? Sometimes. But it is also, I think it is harder to get a qualified person to do it and before I hire a person, the phrase I’m typically using is, I’m slow to hire and I never fire them.

    So as an example, Stu McClaren who and Tracey Childers who are a wish list member, Stu was my affiliate manager up to the point where they were still doing millions of dollars a year in wish list product sales and he was still acting as my affiliate manager. And that is kind of the cool part, is that when we bring people on we know them, we trust them. But it also took me three years to even ask Stu to work with me. And you know, I had known him way back when he was just trying to think of different ideas.

    So you know. I think it is that type of idea. You have to trust the people that you work with. And if you trust them and they trust you and they know the direction that you are going, they are going to work with you.

    I don’t say anyone works for me, you will never hear me utilize that phrase. Everyone works with me and they know that I can do every single part of their job. And so if I need to jump in and do something no matter what the job is, I will be able to jump in and do that.

    And I think that is important from a leadership point of view, but I also think it is just a matter of doing the things that you need to do in order to get done. And I think that is the attitude your team needs to have. If it is taking out the garbage, it is taking out the garbage. No matter whose job it is, this needs to get done so let’s just do it. And I think that is how we are able to do it with just six people.

    And we have never had a huge team. There was one time we got up to a whopping nine people at once and that was way too much. But we like small groups. And they all work from home as well. So no one is close to us and they are all in the U.S.


    Alaister: Yeah I think what is amazing is that you don’t have an office and they all work from home. How do you manage that? Do you use tools to manage people’s work or do you...you don’t see them on a day to day basis so how do you manage that work environment?


    Armand: That is a great question. We use a tool called hip chat. And it is this awesome tool. This is my favorite tool out of anything and it is the cheapest tool I pay for every month. It is like $2 or $3 a person and that is it. You can get a free one for up to like five people on your team. So it is awesome. AS far as what it does. But basically what it is, is a private messenger just for your company. And it can have rooms, so it is like chat rooms that you can have. And what I like about it is you can have the hip chat room itself. And I have different companies, so each company will have its own room.

    And sometimes I might be working with a partner on a project with them, so I will have that person have access only to that room and they can’t access anything else. And some people will be part of two or three different projects so they would be part of that room. But primarily my team is in there going back and forth. And what they are doing is they are asking each other questions, “I have done this piece, can you look at it, is it okay?” And checking up on each other in order to make it work. So it works really, really well.

    But the other part is we have it all on our phones. So when we are out and about there might be something that comes up, we will get a hip chat message. The other thing that we do is we will have it on our iPads. So no matter what medium that are there, we have access to this. And it might be only for a crazy simple question, but you are going to get it instantly. And with email you have to wait, you have to wait, you have to wait. If you are calling someone on the phone, no one ever talks for thirty seconds. It is also a twenty, thirty minute conversation. So this is like the idea situation and I like it. I like it a lot.

    And the reason some people, some friends of mine use Google instant messenger and I’m like, yeah but then other people know that you are using Google instant messenger and so they bother you while you are working. So this is totally just my company and I don’t have to worry about anyone else interrupting me or saying. “Hey can I get five minutes?” No. It is really really easy.

    So I love it I think it is a tool every single person, even if you have only one other person you are working with, I highly suggest it and like I said I think it is…I forget how many people it is like five people or six people maybe for free. I only pay like $17 I think for the whole thing .It is great.


    Alaister: There is a whole bunch of questions here but there is just so much to talk about. Unfortunately we aren’t able to cover it all. But what I really wanted to get into was membership sites and I know you have been running membership sites for a long time and as you mentioned it was basically the first site that you created. A lot of people’s biggest problem, and I don’t know if you would agree with this, is retention. They spend all this effort, all this money trying to acquire new members and then just to sort of have them leave after one or two months. What sort of retention strategies do you use to keep your members in and increase the lifetime value of a member?


    Armand: Yeah I think it is a really good question because I think a lot of people try to implement strategies specifically for retention and I think that is the wrong play. I think the proper play is to give the best content that you possibly can to make your resource invaluable to them that they can’t get this anywhere else. And I want that feeling for them.

    Let me give you an example. We have one of the longest running internet marketing membership sites there is period, and it is not cheap. It is $500 a month. And actually I should say it is $400 a month now, but it is over 11 years old at this point. And we have people that have been in there for eleven years. Not just one, we have multiples of people who have been in there for eleven years paying us every single month. And you have to think about what is the offer that you are making to these people .What is the promise that you are going to make to them?

    So we will do things like I will bring the people to my house twice a year. So I will bring them to my house, we will spend three days together and we will work on their particular business. Not only is it a way for them to get more value because I can see what they are doing. I can see their facial expressions. I can see their body. But also at the same time I’m creating this community with these people because they are coming in groups of people and they are going to meet the other people in their group and they are going to create these relationships with these people. And that you just can’t do online. You can make friends online. All my friends typically, right now, I pretty much have met online. But it is that live in person feeling that you just can’t get over.

    So that is one strategy and I understand that this is again for a higher end membership site but think about what you are going to give them. Like in this particular case I give them everything, 100% everything that they can. Every product that I create, they get it. It is there. They don’t have to think about it and they know that the value of what they are getting is huge there.

    But also I give them the ability to ask me any kind of questions that they want. So they can email me any time which is really kind of cool. But also we do another call in where it is on a webinar but I go around the room and they raise their hand basically and I say. “Okay you are up, what’s your question?” And they can ask me personally their questions.

    Where I think a lot of people have this illusion of a membership site and saying. “I’m going to start a membership site but I’m going to let my team manage it.” They didn’t buy the team, they bought you; you know what I mean?

    And so when you think about what people are looking for and what people want on a membership basis is they want you. They want to get close to you and they are willing to pay in order to do that.

    Now again from a low side membership site, I think one of the easiest things you can do is video. So for example let’s just say we have a membership site, I have been doing these three day trainings this web cam training and what happens is we stream it live and we get several thousand people to watch these things. But at the same time what we did is we do the trainings for free and then we at the end throughout the event, say hey if you would like the recordings to this it is $47 a month.

    So now think about this. I know one of the questions every marketer gets is, if you are so good at what you do why not just tell me for free and I will pay you later?” I have had that so many times over the years and you kind of chuckle. But when we came up with this particular scenario, I said why don’t I do that? I can do that.

    And so I show them that I am just not full of smoke and mirrors that here is actual real strategies that you can implement.

    And the other part though, here is the key, is that you don’t hold back. You can’t hold back and say. “Oh this is only for our private members. Oh this is only for the people that pay me this amount. This is only for this.” If you are going to promise to teach on something then teach the whole thing. And my philosophy on that is if you give 100% of yourself into this product this training, this information, people are going to realize that. People know good from bad and at that particular point what is going to happen is they are going to be able to see it and they are going to want to get the recordings of this. They are going to want to come back.

    And it works really well. So we are really just selling them the recordings of what they are watching right now, which is the greatest thing in the world. It is very similar to what you guys are doing right now.


    James: Have you found with your memberships that offering a one month subscription versus a 12 month maybe with a discount works better or worse or any particular values there?


    Armand: I like, upfront I like charging them exactly what they are going to pay. So for example if it is a $47 a month membership as an example, I want to charge them $47 up front. If you charge a lower price point, so for example here is what typically happens. I have done a lot of testing on this as far as like a $1 trial. So if I give a $1 trial for, it doesn’t really matter the length of time, 7 days, 14 days, 21 days, what will happen is the end of that trial period, typically 50% of the people will cancel out. So that is the first thing.

    And then the other people that did continue on don’t stay for very long. But the people that pay the full price up front stick. I mean considerably longer, we are talking four or five times longer than these other people. So I think they have to look at it and say, “I’m willing to pay this amount of money. It is not because it is a special it is because I truly believe this is worth x number of dollars.” And now all of a sudden they are ready and I think it works out really well that way.

    And as far as charging twelve months up front, I think it makes sense. What I will typically do is if you pay a year in advance you get two months for free. I’ve seen some people go like 50% off if you pay up front. And I think if your intention is to maybe generate income, to maybe do some more advertizing, it is not a bad strategy, it is just that I think it is a matter of choice. I would rather do two months free. It is also makes my numbers really easy. So if it is $47 a month, it is $470 so I don’t have to really think too much on the Math.


    Alaister: You have built your entire businesses around your name and around your personality and a lot of people are afraid of doing things like that. Is this something I mean hindsight looking back would you have changed that or would you have continued doing it how you have done it? And how would you maybe advise people who are maybe afraid of putting themselves out there?


    Armand: Yeah you know you bring up a really good question and originally it wasn’t that way. Originally I did hide behind a company name. Originally I started with my company name and I’ll tell you the reason. I said, “I don’t want to put my name out there. I’ll let people know who I am but everything will be in my company name and the reason is if I die my company will live on.” And it is a very valid point. A person dies and the company is named after the person, it goes away right. And so that was the reason why I did it. So I went from Internetric and then I started a software company, so I called it Generator Software and that was a separate company. And then eventually I started realizing where the majority of my income was coming from and it was from, starting to be more teaching, more training, more coaching.

    And I had to really, I struggled with this a lot as to should I or should I not just embrace this? And finally I just said, “This is who I am” and I just gave it a name. I called it Armin Morin Network which his highly original. I wanted to call it Armand Morin Entrepreneurial Network, this way it would be Amen but my wife talked me out of it. So it is Armand Morin Network and I just embraced it because this is who I am, this what I do, so be it.

    But I think it is a very valid question. I don’t think there is a right or a wrong answer to it really I think it is a matter of choice. I still go back and forth to this very day sometimes and thinking maybe I should do this, maybe I should do that. And then I’m like, I’ll get over it after a little bit. But it is a very good question because I don’t think there is a right answer, I think it is the circumstances that you have as far as what you do. I do think you can create a brand around yourself. I do think you can make that work and I do think it doesn’t have to die after you leave especially if you make a big enough impact.


    James: unfortunately we are running out of time but I would love to ask, what do you think is the key thing that internet marketers should do when they are first starting out? And what do you wish you were told when you first started out?


    Armand: What I wish I was told when I first started out is don’t do software. The reason oddly enough, I mean I love software and I made a huge amount of software and I still love doing software. I probably love it more today than ever before but when first starting out the reason why it wasn’t a good idea was because of the fact that you also had to provide customer service for that software, so that is what made it difficult.

    I think the primary thing that people today have to focus in on is what is it you are trying to achieve? What is the end goal for you, meaning is what you are building a product? Or is it a product line? In my opinion you should never ever just create a product. You should create a product line. Meaning that this product that you have should exist with the next product you build. It has to exist with the next product you create after that.

    Therefore when I create five or six products, every single one of those groups of people are going to be interested in not just one product or that one product, they are going to be interested in all six product because I built a product line as opposed to just a single product. So I think you need to think ahead a little bit.

    I think the bigger piece though that many marketers tend to neglect and I think they are getting better at it is the idea of branding themselves. The branding itself is big right now. If you have two types of people, one being the fact that they have the plain Jane here is my white box in the middle of a blue page that is fine because people will say, “Oh it is all about the copy. It is all about the copy.” It is not; it is about the packaging now. And I think people are getting smarter. I think they need to realize that.

    So I think you can have great internet marketing techniques, I think you can have great branding and if you realize and create an actual product line then you are going to succeed in this marketing space and I think you are going to have a great and fantastic business.


    Alaister: Armand Morin, thanks very much for your time, we really appreciate you giving up your time for the warriors and everyone. I know this session was extremely valuable and you gave up a huge amount of tips so thanks very much.


    Armand: Thank you very much, thank you guys for having me.


    Alaister: So next week we have Chris Goward from Wider Funnel. Wider Funnel is a conversion rate optimization agency and we will talking a lot about different frameworks when looking to optimize for conversions. So that will be Thursday 6:00 pm March 19. We look forward to seeing you there.

    [End Recording: 01:00:25]
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  • Profile picture of the author YourBizAid
    Hey Armand, thanks for reaching out to Warriors.

    Warriors, if you're still on the fence, trust me, this guy is gonna give you PROVEN strategies that will BLAST YOUR INCOME THROUGH THE ROOF!

    Just in case you don't know who he is yet, you can check him out at Internet Marketing | Armand Morin | Marketing Training or you can spy on his FB page at https://www.facebook.com/armandmorin

    Bottom line: this guy is a Millionaire Maker. If you need the intricacies or the bolts and nuts of this business, listen when he talks.

    Alaister and co, I don't know how you guys do this, but I must hail you for the great job you're doing - bringing great minds to do WAMA's with us. It's totally refreshing and a win-win thing.

    A big THANK YOU to your team, Alaister!

    Waiting for the D-Day

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      Question for the event:
      What is the quickest & easiest way to earn a significant income online ($70,000+ annually) ?
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  • Profile picture of the author liveincodes
    My question for the event:
    Is personal branding as an internet marketer an absolute requirement for running a business providing internet marketing services? If not then how do you get people or businesses to trust you as a new business? If yes how do you do so when so many people are already talking about the things that you want to talk about and also not talking about things you want to keep your business secret? (Hint: things that people won't really appreciate but I know they are pretty safe to do and they do work)? Umm sorry if the question was too long!
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    Hello Armand,

    I am excited for the chance to hear an IM legend like yourself sharing first hand knowledge.
    This kind of event is why the Warrior Forum is priceless!
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    I for one can't wait to attend this! I'm so tired of the top level guys that came from this forum putting people in an endless buyer loop that has no substance. Nobody cares to call them out on it and it just keeps going and going.

    Armand is a legend and this should be an eye opening experience!
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    I first heard of Armand Morin in ~2007/08 when I was a complete newbie to any kind of marketing, positive attitude etc. etc. I was listening to a recording of a "Think and Grow Rich" after dinner seminar (world internet summit, I believe that was) compered by Ted Ciuba. Armand Morin was one of the guest speakers. I have listened to that MP3 well over a dozen times. So many years later, his words still resonate loudly in my ears. How a certain Christmas changed his life "There was a knock on my door, it was to take my ..... and .... from me, because I was not successful....", "the one payment method", how he went from sleeping in his car and selling vacuum cleaners to earning his first million dollars, how he wanted to be a millionaire by the age 25, etc. etc.

    Boy, that speech was so good that I've recommended it to probably to nearly 100 friends/cousins of mine to-date.

    I'm a full time academic who spends about 10% of my time on internet marketing. That seminar has had a profound effect on my ENTIRE LIFE, academics, business and family life.

    I owe a lot of it to that start I got from listening people like Armand Morin. Those who haven't heard of Armand Morin, he is the REAL DEAL. This is one seminar you don't want to miss.

    I take this opportunity to thank Armand for the amazing positive impact you have had on my life. I have no doubt that I'm one of many millions of lives you've touched and changed for the better.

    I wish you all the best to help many more millions of success-seekers and I eagerly look forward to this seminar!
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    I am so excited about this information....I know it will be a great seminar....I love helping people with coaching so I am pumped about all his ideas....some of them I Have already been using....looking forward to it...I know it will be insightful and fun.

    "Attitude is everything. Your mind-set is your attitude. It is the difference between success and the lack of it!"http://www.jennifergiacoppo.com

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      Hello Mr. Armand Morin

      I'm really excited to participate in the event you are going to take the next March 12th.

      My question is this:

      How to create a successful sales funnel and leave it on autopilot?

      Best regards.
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        This is something a newbie like me wants to hear.. I need this.. im all ears.. if can dm me
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    We're excited for this one!!
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    Originally Posted by armandmorin View Post

    Hi, my name is Armand Morin and I'll be doing a WAMA in just a few days and I'm ready for anything you have to ask regarding marketing your business online and offline.

    Armand Morin Warrior WAMA - YouTube

    Some of the ideas you might consider...

    - Running a membership site... I have the longest running Internet Marketing membership site online and I can show you exactly how to do it successfully.

    - Conversion Strategies - We focus everything on conversion. Opinions don't matter conversions do.

    - Optin Page Strategies - We do huge amounts of optin pages and we do it differently than any other marketer online. We do most things opposite.

    - Webinars - I've taught the majority of the most successful internet marketers how to close. In fact, we've done as much as a MILLION DOLLARS in sales in less than 90 minutes. I can show you how to get more sales from your webinars.

    - When To Use Free and When To Not To - We use free strategies all the time, but if we are trying to get the sales... free is not how you want to do it... I can explain exactly why you're probably losing sales right now.

    - Offline Strategies - I have clients doing millions of dollars online, but I also have a considerable number of clients offline. Marketing offline is just a matter of twisting a few basic key ideas.

    Literally anything you want to ask. Unlike a lot of people, I personally write my own copy, design my own websites even program my own plugins and software, so from the marketing the technical I can save you years of trial and error in just minutes.

    I look forward to answering your questions.

    Best of Success,

    Armand Morin

    Thank you Armand Morin for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to interact with you.look forward to the webinar,
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  • Profile picture of the author Codecarbonell
    Thank you Armand and WF!

    I have not yet attended a WAMA since becoming a member and am very excited to do so. Many thanks go out to Armand and the WF community for giving the opportunity to share and discuss ideas and information. It is and will make the journey to becoming a better affiliate very possible.

    Thank you
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  • Profile picture of the author laxmankafle
    I am In + Have Sent A Question for you . hope you will answer my question !
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  • Profile picture of the author Natalia Gurdian
    Is this free? Where is going to be?
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    • Profile picture of the author Alaister
      Originally Posted by Natalia Gurdian View Post

      Is this free? Where is going to be?
      Hi Natalia,

      Yes this event is free. The event will be live streamed from this page as well as the Warrior Forum homepage. Make sure you put Thursday March 12 6pm EST in your calendar. Come back here at that time to watch Armand Morin on Warrior TV - Warrior Ask Me Anything.
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  • Profile picture of the author tonybianco
    Hi Armand,

    One of my bigger questions is how to sell more effectively on video and what would be the best method or sequence to follow up to build value and convert more leads.
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    • Profile picture of the author Shaun Rodgers
      Hi Armand,

      How does a relative Newbie with a great product (or idea) and NO list get JV Partners to help bring his product to market?

      JV Partners Wanted For My Latest Offering
      PM me for more info...

      Also grab FREE hosting for life at Sciado.com
      * This is NOT an affiliate link just a great free offer *
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    I am looking forward to this webinar. I hope to grab the best out of this.

    Graphix Genie .... All-in-One Marketing Graphics solution with over 3000+ Marketing graphics and Royalty free stock photos...for snatch!
    Improve Your Marketing Visuals...

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  • Profile picture of the author mirsoni
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    Hi Armand,

    I see that you do offline client work as well....

    My question is, what are the most efficient strategies for getting and landing hi-quality online marketing customers? By hi-quality, I mean, small-mid sized businesses with an online marketing spend of $40-$60k per year.

    We have done very well with clients of that size, just having a hard time of keeping the funnel filled with them.

    Any tips on niches would also be very appreciated.


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    • Profile picture of the author GlenH
      Just wondering if there will be a replay if we can't make the live presentation?
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      • Profile picture of the author Alaister
        Originally Posted by GlenH View Post

        Just wondering if there will be a replay if we can't make the live presentation?
        Hi Glen,

        All of our WAMA event recordings are uploaded to the War Room.
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    Hello Armand,

    I am very very excited for the chance to hear an IM legend like yourself sharing first hand knowledge.
    Visit my blog to receive helpful information, tips and techniques, plus get some quality products!

    Enjoy and learn and have fun: http://YourSuccessUnlimited.Net
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  • Profile picture of the author Michael75065
    Just wondering if there will be a replay if we can't make the webinar?
    Visit my blog to receive helpful information, tips and techniques, plus get some quality products!

    Enjoy and learn and have fun: http://YourSuccessUnlimited.Net
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    What would you recommend as the best membership site software for a relatively simple site to be set up and hosted by a technophobic 'newbie'?
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  • Profile picture of the author anshuljain
    Waiting eagerly!!
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  • Profile picture of the author cresad
    Anxioulsy waiting to learn golden nuggets from Armand Morin
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  • Profile picture of the author themenumaker
    Hello Armand,

    My new site, Online Menu Design, is an online editing tool to create restaurant menus. It's getting traffic and people are setting up accounts -- but not buying. How can I find out why?

    Also, my site The Menu Maker has dropped to page 3 on Google search. It was usually number 3! Any ideas why that would happen?

    Thank you!
    Jane, The Menu Maker

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  • Profile picture of the author steffanmax
    nice thanks

    Funny story:

    I once saw armans free teleseminar, and after that i made a product there sold maybe 100 copies. That was over 7 years ago
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  • Profile picture of the author frd487
    Hi Armand,
    So glad You are Doing a Webinar for Us Warriers!!
    Where are the best places an online business can advertise to get leads that convert?
    Facebook?, Google adwords? Bing Ads?
    Where is the cheapest Place to go to advertise online? Facebook, Plenty Of Fish, Bing Ads, Google Adsense?
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    is it at 5pm or 6pm. Autoresponse said 5pm est
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    • Profile picture of the author Alaister
      Originally Posted by acornhill View Post

      is it at 5pm or 6pm. Autoresponse said 5pm est
      Sorry for the confusion here. It's starting at 6pm EST. It'll start in just under an hour. You'll be able to watch the event here on this page as well as on the Warrior Forum homepage.
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  • Profile picture of the author cristiansannino
    Which are the steps you suggest to start, and budget too, which for you need to start?
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  • Profile picture of the author James_Harkin
    Is there an archive of these webinars. I was not able to watch it live.
    "My First Joint Venture Generated Us OVER $633,451.64 PROFIT! How Would You Like Access To The TOP 1250 Internet Marketers Who Can Help You Do The Same?". PM Me About How They Can Help You Explode Your Business.
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  • Profile picture of the author d3icer
    Does any have the link the livestream was on? It should be archived there, I missed it due to a family event
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  • Profile picture of the author kristisayles
    Was it Armand's webinar recorded? I had a meeting at the same time and would love to watch it!

    Top Domains for Sale at http://greatdomainsforsale.blogspot.com

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    Well there's a face from the past!

    Real Work from Home Ideas:
    RealWAHOnline Writing with Little Reward │ ...

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    Hi, am sorry i missed it as i was travelling. Can i please know if there is a replay and how can we access it?
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  • Profile picture of the author James_Harkin
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    • Profile picture of the author Alaister
      For anyone who missed this event, the recording will be uploaded to the War Room. All of our past and future Warrior Ask Me Anything events are made available in the War Room here:


      We are still in the process of processing Armand's event. It will be available in the War Room shortly.
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      • Profile picture of the author rotface
        Originally Posted by Alaister View Post

        For anyone who missed this event, the recording will be uploaded to the War Room. All of our past and future Warrior Ask Me Anything events are made available in the War Room here:


        We are still in the process of processing Armand's event. It will be available in the War Room shortly.
        I only saw a few minutes of it when it was live because had to rush out. But it looked amazing. Looking forward to seeing the replay.
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      • Do you know how much longer until it'll be posted?
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    its really admire, admire extremely good talent, can earn so much money in one time is extremely short.
    - for one who does not know at first what to do without first


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    I remember watching this, I didn't get to watch the whole thing though. Armand is a legend.
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  • Profile picture of the author ggarnett
    I love Armand's stuff because he is so far ahead of the pack. I took a 3 day course at his house and he really knows his what he is doing.
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  • Profile picture of the author spmelliott
    I just sent a message to you please give me an answer. Thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author danieljb
    Thanks for your patience while we produced the event. The event is now available in the War Room.

    Personally, I found this event truly inspiring to hear from one of the most trusted and respected marketing authorities online. In the event, he reveals clear actionable guidelines for both starting out and building an online empire.

    To top it off, Armand was on one of the very first members of Warrior Forum!
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  • Profile picture of the author hatrick
    I am really excited about it. How much do you charge for it?
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  • Profile picture of the author 111ideas
    Buy why the Gurus never teach the actual tricks. They just give an overview. Why? ........Why??????????
    Download Images for Social Media (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram etc) 100% free.
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    • Originally Posted by 111ideas View Post

      Buy why the Gurus never teach the actual tricks. They just give an overview. Why? ........Why??????????

      Because of this lesson:

      "Tell them what to do, sell them how to do it!"
      Arnold Stolting - Stolting Media Group
      "I LOVE The Song! The Vibe Is Positive And Firm!" - Kymani Marley. (Son of Bob Marley)
      "Keep Up The Good Work!" Tony Lindsay - Lead Vocalist, Carlos Santana.

      "Very High Quality!" Jeremy Harding - Manager / Producer. Sean Paul.
      "They Are FANTASTIC!" - Willie Crawford.

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    I use this method before it good
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  • Profile picture of the author souyan28
    This is something a newbie like me wants to hear I need this Thanks
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  • Profile picture of the author kadyjoyce
    Hi Armand can you help explain
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  • Profile picture of the author alanmaliska
    Looks good
    Great way to get you started on your online business (8,000$/week) http://ebaymachine.instapage.com
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  • Profile picture of the author jherewini
    Ive always enjoyed Armands training, it was just unfortunate in the past his price point was to far out of reach for me back then, but I recorded every one of his webinars and over time I applied his teachings day by day, and I always new that their will come a day and I will be in a position financially to be able to purchase one of his courses

    and take my business to the next level, funny how things pan out though, as I was learning the sequence to IM success and all that, I was learning some new techniques etc at the same time. Thanks Armand for being apart of my mastermind groud

    Discover How I Went From Strugling Entrepreneur To Retirement In less than 12 weeks. Heres How I Did It! Check It Out For Yourself Here!

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    i am a newbie, i want to hear any voice here, and i also glad to help all of you
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    Where did you get the leads from to close a million dollars in sales in 90 minutes?
    can you specify the exact source and how to get those leads?
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    Investing in digital currency, digital currency of venture I want, but I have no experience what do you advise me
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