[Free No Optin] 5 Killer Fiverr Tips

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5 Killer Fiverr Tips

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    Hi there thank you very much for this share
    can I earn some good dollars if I purchase Xrumer lite and shall I need any courses?
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      The tips are great, I liked it Have you any marketing tips for fiverr gigs ?
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    Also check the following Article it may help full for you.
    First of all understand what is Fiverr & How doest Fiverr work ?
    Well, Fiverr is an Online Marketplace where people buy & sells services which start from $5 and end with $XXXX.
    There is lot of tough competition which mean you can't make money by following traditional ways, You have to be serious and you have to be chose some top sell able niche such as "Graphic Designing> Banner Design, Book Cover Design", "Online Marketing>SEO,Content Writing", "Video Animation > 3D logos intro, Whiteboard Animation" etc.
    Now you have to decide which one field you can learn easily, yup you have to learn it not earn it, you can't earn money until you learn any of above skill, I 'll suggest you use Google and Udemy: Online Courses Anytime, Anywhere for learning purpose.
    When you 'll learn some skills then you have to join Fiverr, I wrote a depth details article that how can you create an attractive account on, Must check it out: Create an effectively account on Fiverr.
    After creating account you have to create a gig which mean you're going to sell something as "Gig".
    Make sure you applied all of following methods when you create Gig!
    Some Tips to Write a Great Title for your Gig:
    1.Which Service you're going to offer it should be clarify in Title
    2.What you can do for Buyer should be show in Title
    3.Benefits of your Gig, Should be show in Title
    4.How much time you 'll take, should be mention in Title

    In the above example you can clearly see we wrote 4 Important point for great Gig title.
    And you have to write same like that, Make sure your gig image size is 608x409 instead of fiverr suggest size.
    Okay next important step is Description, which mean you have to write a depth details about your service which you're going to sell on Fiverr.
    Write a Charming Description
    Always write long description at least 900 words, and your description should be awesome , attractive and relevant to your Gig, Some Tips for writing a Great Description.
    Your description should be consist on followings Sections:

    Section 1: Write same Title of your gig and Bold it
    Section 2: Polish your self & service like you're selling "Microsoft Company"
    Section 3: Which type of services buyer 'll get
    Section 4: Extra Bonus without Extra Money (Get inspiration from third class product)
    Section 5: What you 'll need to start work (Just write easy things like we 'll need Your company name, your precious thoughts & 12 hours timing to design your logo)
    Section 6: Write some attractive words according to your Gig like: You can check other seller profile and if you liked their services so Good luck if not Most Welcome, We're Always online to help you.
    Section 7: Always try to keep on track your temporary buyer, buyer shouldn't close your profile, maybe the didn't like your complete description because what they are looking for maybe they didn't find in your description, So simply write: "If you have any custom offer or questions so Please feel free & contact us we 'll happy to assist you.!"
    Like in the below Example.!

    Okay Next important step is Gig "Tags"
    After Writing a Great Description, next step is Perfect Tag, Keep in mind Many People following & teaching traditional ways of Tags, So for those I want to just say "This is not Google Engine or Youtube Keyword stuffing Place that you 'll use Irrelevant tag & your gig will be show in search result" This is totally stupid thing, Don't follow this type strategy just use Relevant Tags, I mean use your Title word in tags like in below Pic.

    That's it.........!
    If you have any question regarding to this post you may ask me and also check my personal blog about Fiverr Ranking Tips. Fiverr Urdu Hindi Training
    Earn with Fiverr like "Unbelievable"
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      thanks for sharing such useful instructions in easiest way
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      But in Fiverr.com marketing field, how I can choose a specific topic in which buyers interested.
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    thanks for sharing!
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    I think this is very help and useful also effective guide for all fiverr newbie. So every body should follow this guideline and go ahead with success.
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    So every body should follow this guideline and go ahead with success.
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    ahan awesome share , thanks mate ... keep it up
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