Can you Cold Call? Easy $150-300 per sale for YOU.

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I have a list of millions of businesses who have:

1. No Website.
2. No SEO.
3. No Google Listing.
4. Non-Mobile Optimized Websites.

The data is super accurate and the last person who was
working with me on this made $3000 within 2 weeks by
selling 6 $500 services to these businesses.

Products we can sell:

1. Social Media marketing packages.

2. Website development (this is where we made sales earlier).

3. Google Listings and reviews.

4. Mobile Optimization of websites since most people use their
cell phones to find local businesses.

5. SEO Services for their website.

It is not that hard to sell to these businesses since most of the
people who have a website already realize the importance of being

- I provide the data.

- I provide the service.

- You just call and sell/ visit them personally and sell. I can provide
geo-targeted data too.

- I get $300-350 per gig, you get $150+ hell even $650 if you can
sell the service at $1000.

- Unlimited Applications accepted, I've been doing this long time &
I can provide you with the sales scripts too (you'll have to adapt it
to IM).
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    I can do Los Angeles area and Phoenix.
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      I can do friend, i have super reliable system that can send thousands of email per day ...Can you please send me more information
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    Does your list include Canada? This is in line with something similar that I've been working on.
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    Can you please send me the information. I do not mind calling and selling, just want to understand what I am selling. If I like it I can sleep it. Thanks
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    would love to know more.
    The ULTIMATE RX affiliate program.
    Upto 55% commissions with quick payouts.
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    I would like to work for you, please send me more details. Thanks
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    I can call throughout the Michigan area. Please provide all package details and pricing...and what I can earn.


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    Let me know more about this, would like to see the scripts, we can decide on what area I would start calling.

    Kind regards.
    The Action Taker
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    I can vouch for this guys methods and sales. I've discussed this with him on BHW.
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    Hey man, I could handle the Chicago area. Sending you a PM now
    Make Money, Don't Let It Make You
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    I am interested too for web development leads, pls pm for more details..
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    I've done this for companies in the past.... I'm interested in the Pennsylvania list....
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    Send me a PM. Me and my team already sell what your selling and for double the price. I may be interested depending on the terms.
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    Are you still looking to do this - if yes - I would look at the the Seattle are.
    Pls contact me so I can get more details.
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    Email me..... I have over 10 years experience with inside sales, customer service, lead acquisitions, appointment setting, telemarketing, and script writing. I will make you money

    PM me....lets get it cranking
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    Please PM me, and I can do it in Bay Area, San Francisco.
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