Submit Your Website In 15 Popular Search Engines For Free

by AKY66
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Hello Warriors..

This tutorial will help you to submit your new website/blog in 15 popular search engines.
Complete This Steps To Submit

Step 1:
First Visit : Entireweb Search Engine - Web Search

Then you will see their home page..
Enter your website's url and email there and then click on Proceed button.

Step 2:
In next page you will see their plans.. Select Free one. and click on Choose Plan button.

Step 3:
Then you will see your website's submitting process.

Step 4:
Bing won't submit your website so click on (Click here to complete your submission to Bing) link from it's right side. and submit your site in Bing.

Final Step:
Then login to your email account and you will receive a email from Entireweb open it and confirm your website's submission.
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