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Hey everyone..

Recently, I created my own marketing plan (spreadsheet) to help me with my list building strategies. I think it might be useful for any newbies who're new to list building and I've decided to share it with you all.

How to use this sheet?

1st Step: Fill up the yellow boxes in Part A and Part C

2nd Step: Once you're done with the step above, the spreadsheet will show you what's your deficit/shortfall (blue boxes) to meet your list goal based on your marketing activities tht you filled up in Part C. If you think that the shortfall is too big, then you've to tweak your list building strategies

You may access & download the sheet from this Google docs link

Do let me know what you guys think

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      Originally Posted by MarkWayne View Post

      a very good and informative share you've made
      Hey Mark

      Thank you for taking your time to check out my marketing plan. Do let me know if you've any suggestions to improve this marketing plan

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    THis is absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing this. I recommend everyone use this. Every marketer needs a list and this will surely get you started even if you don't change his demo info and use it.
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    now email list building looks way simpler. Amazing Plan. Thank you for sharing buddy.
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    great thanks for the spreadsheet.
    The internet has simplified everything when you know what you're doing.
    create a sales funnel to build a list and this will help you generate massive traffic to your website ,if you know how to do this.
    Sample of a Sales Funnel

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    Glad to found that. I have run own website. which is new. sure i will try this marketing plan. Thanks
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    ebizman87 this is a very cool share and a great way for a marketer to stay on track with daily goals. I also enjoy you traffic sources. Very nice and this would be a great bonus for a list building product if you have one or plan on creating one. nice work!
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