SAAS Product Webinar Converting 10% Of Registrants - Open To Partnerships

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Hey guys,

We just launched a SAAS product in the eCommerce space and your last Webinar converted 10% of registrants (not attendees!) to a 3 month subscription of $149.

Lifetimes commissions are negotiable between 30-50% based on expected volume.

You can check out ALL the numbers and a replay from the last Webinar here:

And can find out more details about the tool here:

And just incase you were unsure if our customers are getting value from the tool, here is a recent testimonial:

Its just an absolutely fantastic idea Sneez puts social proofing on steroids! Plus customer service is top notch; couldnt find anyone who cares more about their product working seamlessly and intuitively! - Matt, The Chattanooga Butter Company - Founder

I look forward to discussing!



Am happy to offer lifetime free access to partners, just comment below and I will set you up!
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