What Sending 100 Million Emails Taught Me About Email Marketing Engagement Tactics That Don't Work

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Email marketing is the number one most effective channel for ecommerce businesses.
  • It drives direct traffic.
  • It speaks to both existing customers and prospects.
  • It engages.
  • It builds brand loyalty.
  • It increases AOV.
  • It builds brand assets and, ultimately, grows your bottom line.
The only reason anyone says email marketing is dead is because they aren't very good at it. And when you aren't very good at it, you won't get any of the benefits.

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    I agree with what the op is saying. Email marketing works and it works like magic when done properly.

    Email campaigns give you the ultimate power to open up a direct conversation with your laser target tribe.

    Also when people say email marketing is dead they usually mean that the list you have isn't opening your email or/and they are not buying enough from you.
    If you dig deep enough i find that usually the problem has nothing to do with the email campaigns and it has more to do with the brand itself. People will always buy from people they like and trust.

    When you build a solid relationship with your crowd the email response will go through the roof too...
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