[Free to use, no opt-in] Originally a War-Room exclusive, now free to all!

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I was going to keep this a War-Room exclusive but - what the hey!

Introducing the

Download the Storeminator here
(no registration, no opt-in, snag it now!)

The Storeminator is a price comparison plugin for Wordpress that produces these beautiful-looking listings right in your page/post content:

It fetches multiple items from Amazon based on your keywords and sorts them lowest-price-first, and of course click-throughs and sales earn you commissions.

This is an Amazon-only Warrior Forum exclusive FREE version of my Storeminator plugin, which otherwise sells through Clickbank. The full version does have more features, including plugins for additional stores (currently CJ and eBay), but this version is not limited in any other way, there is no revenue-sharing (I have not put my Amazon tags in there anywhere), and you can use it on as many of your own or client sites as you like. However if you want to resell it, give it away to your list or similar, please contact me first, we can maybe make a JV out of it? In any case the plugin must be distributed as-is, with no alterations and full attribution to the author, unless agreed otherwise.

How to use the Storeminator

There are more in-depth instructions here (ignore the parts that don't apply to this version), but here's the short version:
  1. Install the .zip like any other third-party Wordpress plugin and Activate
  2. There should now be a Storeminator menu in your Wordpress admin panel. Go to Amazon settings.
  3. Enter your Amazon API keys (same as with most plugins of this kind) and also Amazon Associates tags for the country/s you want to target.
  4. Now create a new page or post (doesn't matter which) and add some keywords like this: [storem]my keywords[/storem]
  5. Below the editor there are some other Storeminator settings you might want to tweak - like how many products to display, etc.
  6. Publish the article and you should be good to go!

There may be something I missed, so let me know below if you have any questions or spot any glitches!

I reserve the right to take this offer down any time, so go grab the Storeminator now!

Any feedback is welcome, let me know how you get on!
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    Can we give this away too? For example, to our list or a membership site?
    Download Free PLR Products to give away to build your list. Find all the most up-to-date PLR on the market.
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      Originally Posted by daniel27lt View Post

      Can we give this away too? For example, to our list or a membership site?
      Hi, yes, but we can do some kind of JV on it if you like - we can put your affiliate link in the control panel for the "pro" version of the product, something like that, let me know if you want to do that.

      Who says you can't earn money as an eBay affiliate any more? My stats say otherwise

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