How to Automate the "Best Sales Prospecting Email Ever"

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When Brian Anderson first messaged Charlie Liang from Engagio to ask for a meeting, he couldn't predict that his email would go viral. Brian, Co-Founder of Captuvate, had heavily tailored the message to Charlie, and further personalized with a bespoke diagram to show how his product worked.

Not only did Charlie agree to meet with Brian, he also featured the email and image in his LinkedIn post, "The Best Sales Prospecting Email Ever" with over 1,000 likes and 241 shares.

But the 46 comments on Charlie's post highlighted a serious problem for Brian. With Brian spending 5 minutes to personalize each image (and likely another 5 minutes to write the message), how could this possibly scale?

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    You can automate just about anything. You just have to be really smart about understanding values.

    In some cases, automation doesn't make sense. And, in some cases, if you don't automate, you will crash and burn your business.

    You need wisdom to know the difference.
    We make things that do things.
    Smaller - Faster - Cheaper
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      Hi Joe - Original Author here. Absolutely agree. Email automation has created a tragedy of the commons where everyone is seeing lower responses from prospecting, so there's a need to send more, which reduces quality, so lower responses, so send more... repeat.

      In the B2B SaaS world, this is largely driven by the SDR trend, hiring early career hires to manage prospecting. When the SDR role was created, a large part of the job was taking on the manual research work to find contacts. Now finding lists is much lower calorie, and the SDRs are now setting on large lists and tools to send lots of email. They just don't have 1. the requisite data skills to properly manage it and 2. the experience to convert data into relevant insight.

      We go into that more in our "Outbound Stack is Toppling" post. Not sure the rules of the community for linking to your own content so I'll leave it to you to Google it.

      Great insight!
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