High stakes case in the US could decide legality of scraping

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I know that scraping content from other more established sites and then repackaging them into something else is a tactic for building up your own content fast. A lawsuit brought on by LinkedIn against a startup can definitively make scraping illegal (at least in the US).

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    Some search engines might be routinely scraping and crawling websites everyday. But, that doesn't seem to bother anyone. (I am not accusing any particular search engine. Just hypothetically speaking)

    What happens after the first lawsuit is filed against a search engine if they're Trespassing and violating CFAA?

    This is a fascinating topic. I've been researching this subject for a while and some of the laws don't make much sense when it comes to scraping.
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      You actually have a good point. I didn't even think about search engines. Possibly we're gonna move into a world wherein webmasters specify on their robots.txt only which providers they allow to crawl?
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    Yes, every-time you dig deeper into this subject, it gets "funnier". Like... technically, one has to crawl a site to even get to the robots.txt.
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    Yep; seems about right. Be original. We need more original content creators out there. If this moves a few less than original folks on out of IM, or toward rendering useful service, then it is a good thing.
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