Have a software product? I can put up a six figure launch

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Have a software product? I can put up a six figure launch

I have over 30 product launches under my belt - many of which have become Deals of The Day with JV Zoo and Warrior Plus.

If you have a software product in the make Money Online Niche (either a WP Plug-in or SAAS) I will

- Create sales copy
- Landing pages
- Recruit affiliates

No upfront fees - we'll split the profits.

Let's make money!

Please PM me for more information
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    yes, I have the typical criteria for your need with my product in www.tadplugin.com
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      Originally Posted by daada2010 View Post

      yes, I have the typical criteria for your need with my product in www.tadplugin.com
      Your sales page could use some work.


      "He not busy being born, is busy dying." - Bob Dylan • "I vibe with the light-dark point. Heavy." - Words that Bob Dylan wishes he had written.

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    Hi sir!

    I don't have a product but an amazing business idea and I'm looking for strategic partner/co-founder to turn it into billion dollar cashflow.

    If interested, let's talk indeep via skype.

    thanks in advance.
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    Since you have lot of experience in selling products online, Could you help me to fix a price tag for my product? Could you also help me to improve this product by recommending additional features ?
    Product is still developing (Only 50% complete) so I really appreciate if you can provide some inputs.
    If you are interested we can work on a partnership.
    Pm or skype adema_5
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    Hello, In the know I sent you a PM regarding this JV post. Please check and if you have any question let me know.
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    Hey everyone thanks for replying to this message.

    Im already in touch with a few of you through PM and email, and i will reply to the rest this week, it takes a bit of time to go through these software
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    Hi Dragosh I replied on PM on 5th November 2017, 03:06 PM

    In short - its not for me, I dont know much about binary signals and or FX - I prefer the "make money online" niche - eg list building, ranking, ecommerce - that kind of thing.


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    Hi, I sell online coding courses. So far I have great reviews but have not been able to reach a wide audience. PM me if this sounds like something you would like to do
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    Yes, I might need some help with a launch. We can discuss the details. I will PM you.
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      hello, yes please do !
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    Take a look at the link in my signature - looking to get the first few affiliates on board & offering 40% recurring commission. Let me know if you're interested.
    Righthandman.io - The (affordable) SEO tool for non-SEO’s.
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    Hello ,
    I'm a desktop software/tools developer
    looking for a marketer / products launcher with a Product Idea that I can develop and maintain , and why not start a software Brand together

    infos about me at hamzahmidi.me
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    sent a PM. Pls check and reply if you accept the offer.
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    hi i have the product at http://www.mediamarketingblog.com.have a look .see if we can work together jv
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    Just sent you a PM. Let me know what you think!
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    I have a developor that has made a poker program that automatically folds everything but premium hands like AA KK QQ AK etc, and it works on up to 18 tables on globalpoker, the largest USA poker site around that has hundreds of thousands of users, Im sure alot of people would like this program.
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    that sound great in the know mesage me think we can work together. thank keith
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    I have a kindle Bot, which automatically creates amazon accounts and buys kindle ebooks. it uses proxies and can borrow above 1000s copies of ebooks a day. It can boost any book's ranking to top 10 within a day. And the best part is it works totally on autopilot.
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    Thanks for the PMs and comments on here, I'm already in advance talks with a few of you.

    Non "make money online" niches arent really my bag - I dont know that many affiliates outside MMO.


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    www.letsjavascript.com online coding course (not a software product) based on learning how to code by coding 5 projects.
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    Hi is this still relevant?
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  • Do you have any experience selling finance products, such as a day trading course? PM if so!
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  • Profile picture of the author Marco Dangelis
    Hi guys,

    I have an idea/concept which I kind of developed already... https://www.businessconsultinglab.com/welcome however I'm not really practical and this is my very first business I try to run online....
    All I know is that I'd really love this thing to work. It's 5 years I try and keep failing...so I've come thus far.

    I've drove some cold traffic thru Bing and Google too the website. Didn't really happen anything..
    I'm also completely on my own for this entire business which means more work, more overwhelm for me and capital is not really there supporting me.

    I'm coming to you as last resort.

    I'm basically offering help to business owners, entrepreneurs and anybody in between can benefit from joining us.

    Starting is always where things are complicated...I hope you guys or someone can help me.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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    We have a successfully launched product we want to develop JVs for. Already have JVs in place but looking forward to significantly scale up our marketing activity and need help! Thanks.
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    if you want, i have a browser extensions option. which could mean big $$$ if launched properly
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    Hi In the know,

    I have a product am launching on JVzoo on the 10th March 2018. Would you mind having a look at it.

    We can work out a special deal if you are interested in the product.

    Here is the JV page listed on muncheye: http://jv.imgeneral.org/

    If you would like access to the product please hit me up with the details on the jv page as I cannot message you here at the moment

    Thanks in expectation of your response
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  • Hi INK, I have a financial product I would be interested in working with you on. Its a day trading course that sells for $199 and then monthly recurring after that. Do you have experience in this?
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    Hi In The Know,

    I have an e-commerce software that is all done. It is 4 incredible tools. I also have the member's area done as well. I have sold 7 ecom courses over the last couple years. I was wondering if you would like to discuss partnering on this product and help launch it. Please PM Me your answer.

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    hi, is this still relevant? in order to see if we could cooperate, would you like to chat on skype?
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  • Profile picture of the author In the know
    Hi guys, thanks for all the messages.

    Yes this is still very much relevant, and on May 13th (2018) we had a six figure launch which resulted from someone who contacted me on this thread, so do keep them coming


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      Just PM'd you.

      Christian, Author, Marketing Strategist, Conversion Optimization Specialist, Crypto Enthusiast

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    • Profile picture of the author Dennis Vogel
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      • Profile picture of the author Dennis Vogel
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        • Profile picture of the author Dennis Vogel
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  • Profile picture of the author monica bhala
    Hello Rudz69,
    Yes, i have so many products, can you contact me on Skype: my skype id is : goodnewz8

    Yes, i have products to sell, if you are interested to do partnership then welcome, contact me at Skype
    My skype id is : goodnewz8
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    Is this still available?

    I'm a software creator, sent you PM.
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    I have a unique product (that can also be private labeled) in the health and wellness space. I know it is not the niche you mentioned, but I like your idea and wondering if you would consider promoting a product in this space?

    Why my product? It can be used in multiple health niches generally improving health, weight loss, heart health, pre diabetes, vegetarian, gluten free niches. As such it also pairs well with the fitness niche and can be sold bundled with many types of products (digital or physical). We currently do so on Home Shopping Network in the USA and elsewhere and can even be integrated into exist websites/service or distributed on printed voucher cards.

    With the obesity, heart health and diabetes out of control and getting much worse it is now an epidemic and people need help. It's a product you can feel good about promoting and know you did something good for society.

    Is this something you or an experienced marketer would consider? I would get you a big cut of sales, but I need someone with experience and proven results and an action takers. I am a technical software developer and can help with implementation and hustle.

    Look forward to hearing from you. Sometimes PM does not notify me on WF so you may need to post that you PMed me if you don't hear from me, but i will try to check my PMs in the near term daily.

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  • Profile picture of the author silho
    I am writing this in response to your post about JV opportunities. I have a book, course, and artificially intelligent marketing software that I'd like to introduce to the market.

    Since the software is sold on a per monthly basis the LTV of each customer is well north of $1,000. If this is of interest to you let me know.
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  • Profile picture of the author In the know
    sounds interesting silho, please PM me with more details.
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  • Profile picture of the author rkaiser5

    I am interested, Just send you PM. let me know when you be on.
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  • Profile picture of the author nanohits
    I have a new SaaS product and is not one of those cheap ones but taken months to code that is expected to launch in December. So happy to speak to you about JV. I am shopping around for a few big names at the moment.
    ** Don't Miss Out On All My Amazing Offers Below **
    All the Goodies Here: https://spro.link/offers
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  • Profile picture of the author Josh Sanders
    Whats your info?
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