Sales partner for a programming courses membership website (6 figure plan)

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Hello there!

I've been testing out this idea on Udemy for the past few months. I have 5 programming courses up so far (will have 2 more up by the end of the month) and my courses have been received well.

I plan on expanding the business into my brand. Set up a website with a membership option (possibly with an a la carte option as well) and

I plan on charging around $10/month for the same. I've researched the niche and the target market well. This price point seems to be the sweet spot, especially for the massive value I'll be providing. I've also figured out what sells and what doesn't, why some do extremely well in this niche while most fail.

Majority of my "big" courses will be on my brand.

What I'm looking for is a sales partner to bring in paid members/free leads who convert into paid members.

I'll be the brain. I'll take care of the product (new courses, updating old courses etc), maintenance, customer support, etc. You bring in the sales.

We'll share the profit 50-50. All we need is 1000-2000 subscribers to take this to a six figure business, from just the front end sales. We'll definitely make more in the back end (I have plans for high ticket workshops, training programs, courses etc. I'll perfect those plans based on what the students want).

I'd prefer to call this a startup rather than a "website" since I've already put in around 1 year of research and work in this to understand the nuances of the market well. The plan is to build a tech community around the brand, which is the best way to spread it via word of mouth (viral factor).

If you have experience selling in the field, or if you have ideas on promoting the website/membership, do PM me.

This is a business I see myself working in for at least the next 5-10 years, if not more, so I'm looking for a long term partner who has the business' best interests at heart.

Aarthi Elumalai
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