Have a great product? let's join forces and split the profits

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Hi Everybody.

I am at the beginning of soft launching my new video course "The Freedom Formula".

The first part of this product is all about having massive success in any course or product by letting other people do the hard work for you, using outsourcing, virtual assistants and so on.
In the second part I show (in general) a few business models people can start while implementing what they learned in the first part.

You can learn more about my product here: (you can also get a review copy, if you are interested to reviewing it - just pm me or send me a mail).

I believe that my product offers great value to everybody looking to have massive success in 2018.

HOWEVER, I think there is something that can double the value of my product.
I want to offer my customers some great step by step eBook/video course about a proven to work, updated money making method that they can give their virtual assistants and let them implement. This ebook or course will be offered as an OTO, and the aim is to give people the whole package - both the knowledge of how to outsource their entire business and a detailed method to start making money, that their workers can implement for them.

This is what I am offering you:

If you have a good, updated step by step product (or products), that can be followed easily - let's joint venture.

You'll product will be given as part of my One Time Offer (I will also add some dfy materials) and we'll split the revenues of the upsell between us.

Another option is that I use your product as a part of my upsell, and you give my product as part of your upsell. We'll have to discuss this between us, and figure out what's the best option for both of us.


PM me or send me an email to michalczei@gmail.com

You can also Skype me: mczeisler, just write in the contact request that you want to discuss this subject.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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