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by mickyl
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Hi Everybody,

Recently I started a soft launch of my video course, that focuses on harnessing the huge power of outsourcing to build an online business. My product is all about taking every IM course or business out there and have some huge success while letting other people do the hard work for you.

So far I got few reviewers and buyers and received some great comments and reviews about it.

You can see my WSO thread here:

Here is what I am offering you:

In order to make this product even better, I'm planning to create an OTO. This OTO will offer the buyers some IM courses that they can take and implement using what they learn in my main offer (the video course about outsourcing).

If you have a good, updated step by step product (or products), or a product that can be followed very easily - let's join forces.

Your product will be given as part of my One Time Offer and we'll split the revenues of the upsell between us (50-50).

Another possibility is that I use your product as a part of my upsell, and you'll use my product as part of your upsell.

We'll have to discuss it between us, and decide what's the best option for both of us.


PM me or send me an email to

Looking forward to hearing from you!

P.S - I am an ethical seller and I care about my buyers and my reputation as well - please only contact my if you have a good, ethical product...
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