Vadym Gets Dumped - You're In Luck!

by Vadym
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Hey everyone,

Well, I've been having some issues with the woman. I felt like I was putting in a LOT more into the relationship than she was.

Which is what I told her today.

After which we agreed that we're just not meant to be.

So... I'm single

How does this benefit you?

Let's get a project going together.

I work much better with others because we force each other to work for success.

So if you've got a project idea, let's talk!

My Experience:
I've been in aff marketing about 2 years now, have a free, no-fluff bum marketing/cpa marketing/email marketing course: Free Internet Marketing Course | Learn Affiliate Internet Marketing | Helping Affiliate

I'm a pretty good copywriter, and don't charge 5-6K per salescopy because I'm not well-enough known yet. There's a couple of big charity projects I'm doing which will get me out there. Site's Online Copywriting Services | Best Web Copywriter |

JV management, product management, ghosting writing, etc, etc... Pretty much everything BUT graphics, I stand out in.

I won't be taking just ANYONE on, I want to work with a person I know has had success so that I'm sure we're not just 'pipe-dreaming'. I know I'm not a big name on Warrior Forums, but I participate in plenty other communities to understand skill levels.

So... yeah!

Let's make some money for Vadym to go to Florida and have lots of unattached sex!
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    Vadym worked on a project for my office all I can say is...

    WOW. He did a killer job.

    We will be utilizing his talents again.

    If you have a decent product to promote
    and somewhat of a track record, you'd be crazy not
    to contact him.

    - Jay
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    Privet Vadim!
    I own a business in nearly empty niche tapping into 17,000,000 aging Americans. For now I pay $20 for registration but ready to look into something else. In a short I need a good dedicated person who can grow with us.
    Drop me a line and let's have a chat.
    Dream like you will live forever, live like you will die tomorrow
    NEEDED: virtual assistant (VA)
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    I signed up for your Helping Affliate course and I just wanted to say Thanks. (and I haven't even seen the first part yet!)

    p.s. This is my first post on Warrior Forum

    I like you. Don't you?

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    Hey all, just an update, that although I've gotten a solid opportunity or two, I'm still looking for projects

    I'm one of those people who drinks coffee about 25 hours a day, 9 days a week So I can handle a lot.

    Throw 'em at me, no matter how big the projects are.
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